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Since February 2020, 3PB have been answering many queries from solicitors and business clients direct on issues ranging from employment policies and redundancy programmes, force majeure in supply chain contracts, business interruption insurance and other cover, delay/termination issues in contracts, funding and regulatory challenges. Significantly, the UK Government Furlough scheme to help retain employees during the pandemic has attracted significant attention to its application and payment process with legal challenges including internal appeals of furlough decisions, HMRC furlough appeals and alleged fraud and discrimination in furlough decisions. There has also been enquiries to our specialist counsel about commercial property leases and forfeiture; the lockdown of schools, including the impact on private schools; local authorities and Coronavirus laws and regulations; probate during Covid-19; wrongful trading; rights to protest during lockdown and disputes over frustration of contract as well as holidaymaker disputes and cruise ship claims during this period.

As a solicitor or in-house senior management professional and requiring counsel’s opinion and advice on these legal issues, please either contact your usual 3PB clerk contact, or email, and your query will be directed by a 3PB clerk to the relevant barrister.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to create employment, contractual and other legal challenges which are in many ways unprecedented. The impact of the virus is being felt, and in response, 3PB have co-ordinated across our own full-service barristers’ chambers and six UK offices to ensure that we centralise our know-how and are sharing insights with our clients.

This website page contains all our recent articles, briefings and webinar recordings about lockdown laws and regulations as well as practical issues like court attendance and hybrid hearings.

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Tips for remote hearings


Coronavirus: Government guidance and legislation for employers and employees during the pandemic


Our employment law newsletters provide key resources to help businesses and the public sector manage the employment issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis including guidance and analysis given during our recent successful employment law webinars.

  • April 2020 - Equality and discrimination during the Coronavirus pandemic, the coronavirus job retention scheme, furlough, and recent case law updates.
  • May 2020 - The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, contractual variation and discrimination law, updated guidance on furlough and case law updates.
  • June 2020 - The 2nd Treasury Direction, Statutory Sick Pay and Annual Leave, Health and safety and whistleblowing, and changes to terms and conditions and redundancies.
  • July 2020 - Preparing for and navigating hearings using the CVP platform, new Treasury Direction to include 'flexible furloughing' from 1 July 2020, and an update on the courts' and tribunals' response to Covid-19.
  • August 2020 - Evaluation of court and tribunal video hearings, Judicial College guidance on remote hearings, Supreme Court employment appeals, New law to ensure furloughed employees receive full redundancy payments.
  • September 2020 - Coronavirus legal updates for employers, sex discrimination, the ‘material factor test’ in equal pay claims, the employment status of foster carers, can a dismissal without any procedure be fair?

UK Furlough scheme


Employment Tribunals during the pandemic

Remote Hearings in Employment Tribunals

Employment Law Webinars

Available to watch now.

Recorded Case Law Updates

A review of recent cases heard during lockdown by our specialist employment law barristers.

Commercial litigation and insolvency


Force Majeure/ Insurance cover

Other commercial/ litigation issues


If you missed Parts I – VI of our Commercial litigation webinars, we have included our notes below:

Property and Construction

Public and Regulatory

Education sector

Local authorities

Professional Discipline

Health and medical

Maritime sector


Criminal law and public law: the new lockdown laws and compliance

Human Rights

Personal Injury


Remote hearings/E-bundles


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