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Mariya Peykova

Year of Call: 2013
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Telephone: 0330 332 2633

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Mariya Peykova completed her pupillage with 3PB in October 2020 and is currently undertaking work in a wide range of 3PB’s core areas of practice, with a particular focus and interest in commercial and public law. She is qualified to practise law in the state of New York, and is keen to develop an international practice.

Prior to joining chambers, Mariya was Judicial Assistant to the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Leggatt (as he then was) and Lady Justice King DBE at the Court of Appeal. She was also Judicial Assistant to the Hon. Mr Justice Stewart, assisting on the Kenya Emergency Group Litigation, a long-standing trial involving allegations of abuse against the UK government during the Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya.  Before applying for pupillage Mariya was a Research Fellow at Queen Mary University, where she worked with Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas on his WiseGrid project funded by the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, and has contributed to a number of academic publications.

Mariya previously worked as a legal consultant at the International Bar Association, where she undertook work in the field of international law, with a specific focus on international criminal and human rights law.

After being called to the Bar, Mariya was awarded a scholarship by Gray’s Inn to undertake a placement with Judge Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi, former President of the International Criminal Court, where she carried out legal research in the fields of international criminal and human rights law, and provided assistance to the judiciary by drafting the orders and judgments of the Chamber. She also worked as an intern at the Office of MEP Ivailo Kalfin, at the EU Parliament in Brussels.

Academic publications   

'The great energy transition in the European Union: Volume 2',  Rafael Leal-Arcas et al, Eliva Press, 2020

'Towards a Carbon-Free, Decentralised, and Democratised System of Energy Generation', Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Fillis, Mariya Peykova, Marius Greger, Connecticut Journal of International Law, Volume 35, 133.

'Towards a carbon-free, decentralised, and democratised system of energy generation' - Journal of International Law, Vol 35, Issue 1, 2020 (Forthcoming), Queen Mary University of London, School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No 319/2019

'Decarbonizing the Energy Sector' - Michigan State Journal of Animal and Natural Resource Law, 2019 (Forthcoming), Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 309/2019

'The ICC Reparations regime: The future of international criminal justice or an empty promise?' Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal, November 2015.

'Energy Transit: Intergovernmental Agreements on Oil and Gas Transit Pipelines', Rafael Leal-Arcas, Mariya Peykova, Tathagata Choudhury and Malakee Makhoul, Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review, 2015.

'Energy Transit Activities: Collection of Intergovernmental Agreements on oil and gas transit pipelines and commentary', Co-authored with Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas, Report prepared for the Energy Charter Secretariat Knowledge Centre, July 2014, Queen Mary University of London, School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 177/2014

Pro Bono  

Mariya provides pro bono legal assistance through Advocate and has previously volunteered with Reprieve and the National Council of Civil Liberties (‘Liberty’). During her time at Reprieve, Mariya worked closely with the Director of the Death Penalty Team on a long-standing project aimed at ending the export of EU drugs used in the production of lethal injections in the United States. Mariya also assisted with a campaign to end the death penalty for drug-related offences in Vietnam, and undertook legal research on matters relating to the rights of EU individuals on death row in non-EU states. During her time at Liberty, Mariya assisted the legal team by drafting advice letters in relation to claims against the police and other public bodies.


  • Greek (native)
  • Bulgarian (native)
  • French (intermediate)


  • Commercial
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    Mariya appears for and advises businesses and individuals on all contractual matters. She has also advised on contractual disputes arising in the travel industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, and more recently, on potential business interruption claims, as well as on matters where assets are likely to be dissipated, and on the use of freezing injunctions to protect clients’ interests. She has a particular interest in the relationship between business and human rights, and can advise on the protection of business and commercial interests through international human rights proceedings.

    Energy Law

    Mariya was a Research Fellow at Queen Mary University, where she worked on the WiseGrid project sponsored by the European Commission. During this time, Mariya assisted Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas, who was the principal investigator on the project, focusing mainly on the legal implications of the gradual ‘smartening’ of the energy market across various EU Member States.  Also, exploring the various ways in which individual states can modernise their existing energy supply infrastructures to make way for a more sustainable, smarter and ‘greener’ energy supply infrastructure. The team’s research in the field has been published in Europe and various academic journals in the United States.  Mariya’s work in commercial and international law, combined with her knowledge of the energy market, enables her to advise on contractual and human rights matters arising in the energy sector.

  • Public and Regulatory
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    Mariya is able to accept instructions through HM Government’s Junior Junior scheme.

    Public International law   

    Mariya has an established expertise and interest in the areas of international economic law, particularly in the field of energy, and international human rights. In her role as legal consultant she worked closely with Dr. Mark Ellis (Executive Director of the International Bar Association), assisting with an investigation into the compliance of the Libyan regime trials with international human rights law, and providing research assistance in relation to various publications in the field of international criminal law.

    She previously consulted an international Task Force of IBA lawyers on its report on the independence of the legal profession around the world, published in 2016.

    Her work in international human rights law also includes undertaking research related to a claim for reparations brought by the Herero and Nama people against the German state.


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    • Insolvency in times of coronavirus: a short, practical guide for businesses and insolvency practitioners

      Mariya Peykova authors this practical guide for businesses and insolvency practitioners and looks at the proposed and existing measures introduced by the government to help businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

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    • Ghost Towns and International Law: The Admissibility of Turkey’s Attempt to Re-Open Varosha

      3PB’s specialist international and public law barrister Mariya Peykova has reviewed the decision of Turkey’s attempt to re-open Varosha.

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    • The power of the Construction Industry and Training Board to impose levies under the Industrial Training Act 1982

      3PB Commercial Barrister Marc Brittain and Pupil Barrister Mariya Peykova consider the conditions under which employers in the construction industry should have to pay a levy for the purpose of meeting the expenses of an industrial training board.

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    • Dealing with Competing Jurisdiction Clauses: What is your Centre of Gravity?

      Dealing with Competing Jurisdiction Clauses: What is your Centre of Gravity?
      Marc Brittain and Mariya Peykova consider complex commercial arrangements and the difficulties they can create for parties where their obligations are set out in a multitude of related contracts of a single contract containing inconsistent dispute resolution clauses. Marc and Mariya explore the most common scenarios in which courts are asked to interpret inconsistent dispute resolution clauses, with particular focus on the ‘centre of gravity’ approach, adopted by courts.

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    • The Use of Police Tactics To Disperse Protests and The Fine Line Between Legitimate Protesting and Anti-Social Behaviour

      3PB’s pupil barrister Mariya Peykova has reviewed the use of police tactics to disperse protestors and the fine line between protesting and anti social behaviour.

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    • Protesting During a Pandemic: What Are Your Rights?

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    • The legal position in relation to holidaymaker claims during the Coronavirus pandemic

      3PB’s pupil barrister Mariya Peykova reviews the legal position in relation to holidaymaker claims during the Coronavirus pandemic.

      Recent reports in the media suggest that some holidaymakers who have requested refunds have instead been offered credit notes, or deferred bookings. Mariya highlights the options available if holiday plans have been disrupted because of Covid-19, including package holidays, cancelled flights, accommodation and or other travel arrangements, insurance claims, and consumer credit rights.

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    • Coronavirus Act 2020 & Rights of Individuals

      Mariya Peykova, a pupil barrister at 3PB reviews the powers of public health officers, constables and immigration officers and how the newly imposed laws will affect the rights of any individual infected with Covid-19.

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Academic qualifications

  • LL.M in Public International Law,  Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London 2012
  • LL.B (Hons), Queen Mary University of London, 2011


  • Overseas Internship Scholarship (International Criminal Court) , Gray’s Inn
  • Graduate Association Award, The Grammar School, Nicosia
  • Ioannis and Iro Gregoriou Memorial Scholarship (7 consecutive years), Nicosia
  • Edexcel High Achiever Award, the Grammar School, Nicosia

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • New York Attorney-At-Law, Admitted in 2019
  • Bar Professional Training Course, University of Law, 2013

Professional bodies

  • International Bar Association