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Welcome to the 3PB pupillage centre!

This is where you'll find out about the pupillage opportunities at 3PB, how to apply, what life is like at 3PB for pupils, the options for progressing your career as a barrister with us, and how to apply for a mini pupillage.

Applications will only be accepted through the Gateway - which usually opens in November. Please check back here for a link to start your application as soon as it becomes available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Find out more about what's on offer for our current and future pupils

We aim to recruit up to five or six pupils annually across chambers. 3PB recruits all pupils for the compulsory pupillage leading to a final practicing certificate through the Gateway, whether that be for the full twelve months or with waivers/reduced requirements. Applications may only be accepted through the Gateway. Unless you have exceptional additional evidence, you are unlikely to be selected for interview unless you have obtained your first degree.

Vacancies may be based in any of our six locations:  London, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Oxford or Winchester. Pupils are asked for their location preference(s), if any but cannot be guaranteed that any offer will be at their preferred location. Chambers will be as flexible as possible.

3PB have completed its interviewing of candidates and are pleased to announce the following pupil barrister recruits for 2022, both from the Gateway selection and the Butterfield criminal pupillage:

  • Olivia McGonigle, Western Circuit Butterfield Criminal Law Pupil (starting October 2021)
  • Angel Matoke-Njagi, Bournemouth
  • Poppy Watson, London
  • Emma Greening, Oxford
  • Liz Adams, Birmingham.

Experience 3PB through one of our mini pupillages

What better way to find out more about being a pupil at 3PB than to experience a few days inside chambers? Apply to 3PB for a mini pupillage and get a taste of what you'll be expected to do as a fully-fledged barrister. Our carefully-planned mini pupillages are designed to represent a good spread of work and introduce you to various barristers and staff throughout chambers. We hope you'll like what you see and hear!

Third six applications

If you are interested in a third six pupillage, please download and fill in our application form, clearly stating the main practice group in which you are interested and in which of our centres you would prefer to be located. All third six pupils will be fully supervised and assessed.  We aim to recruit third six pupils of a calibre to be considered for tenancy at the end of their pupillage, although we do not guarantee a tenancy.