Virtual mini-pupillages in 2021

3PB has introduced two-day virtual mini-pupillages for 2021 (except August and late December). This remote version is the result of the continued Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on meetings in person, frequency of self-isolation and home-working - resulting in fewer barristers being in the office to look after mini-pupils. This will be reviewed later in the year as Covid-19 hopefully recedes and vaccinations allow the routine of office work to return.

In usual circumstances, 3PB accepts applications for work experience (mini-pupillage) for all of our offices. Mini-pupillages are a great way of finding out what life at the Bar in general and at 3PB in particular is like, including being in court; observing conferences with lay clients and instructing solicitors; and drafting legal documents. Mini-pupils have the opportunity to talk with members of Chambers and ask them questions about their profession and the main pupillage application procedure.

Due to the large number of applications that 3PB receive each year we unfortunately cannot accommodate everyone. In a usual year, 3PB will provide some 45 mini-pupillages.

Who can apply ? 

The placements are restricted to applicants who have reached at least the first year of their undergraduate degree and who can explain why they think a mini-pupillage will assist them.

Immediately, applications that 3PB have received since March 2020 will be processed first now that these virtual mini-pupillages have resumed.

Here’s hoping 2021 enables many more students to enjoy a productive mini pupillage at 3PB than in 2020!

What do you get in your mini-pupillage ? 

3PB's mini-pupillage programme is headed by barrister Emma SouthernEmma SouthernCall: 2006. Each virtual mini-pupillage will include:

  • A pre-recorded video session/introduction to include information from our current pupil barristers, the clerks, head of operations, head of pupillage and head of mini pupillage.
  • A single remote video session for an hour or so with a more senior barrister from the office you are attached to
  • A piece of written work for the mini-pupil to complete with feedback at end of the week
  • Observation of at least one virtual hearing
  • Attendance one day in Chambers, if possible, and visit to the local court, if possible and subject to government rules and guidance

Our aim is that  through our mini-pupillages you will gain a good understanding of roles and responsibilities and life at the Bar, and we also hope it will be an enjoyable experience.

Mini-pupillages at 3PB are not assessed because of the large number of mini-pupillages we provide and we do operate a selective applications process. You can find details of the assessment system in the Mini-Pupillage Policy, which you can download below - together with the application form. Please read the Policy carefully before applying.

Find out more about a typical day in the life of a pupil at 3PB.

How do I apply ?

Please note that we can only accept applications made on our application form. We do not accept applications by CV, nor will we accept application forms which refer to an attached cv.  We recommend that you email your completed application, marked "Mini- pupillage application for Office (e.g. London)” to

Applications are considered every month.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, it will not be possible to offer either feedback to candidates or an update as to the progress of your application.

3PB Mini Pupillage Policy

3PB mini-pupillage application form