Watch again: webinar on vicarious liability and reflective loss

2nd December 2020

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3PB's Head of Chambers David Berkley QC, Seb OramSeb OramCall: 2007 and Naomi WebberNaomi WebberCall: 2017 hosted a very well-attended webinar this morning on vicarious liability and reflective loss.

In this lockdown year the Supreme Court has not been idle. The common law, by nature organic, was, in 2020, significantly developed or at least refined in respect of two key concepts.

First, in Barclays Bank v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC 13 and WM Morrisons Supermarkets plc v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC 12, the Supreme Court revisited the developing jurisprudence surrounding vicarious liability.

Then, in Sevilleja v Marex Financial Ltd [2020] UKSC 31, the Court reconsidered the limits of the reflective loss principle, which had the tendency to preclude claims, where the claimant’s losses flowed purely from those losses sustained by company, typically insolvent.

These decisions are likely to have far reaching consequences and so 3PB is devoting a webinar to provide an articulate and accessible examination of the concepts which underpin the principles and explain the judgments of the Supreme Court.

Watch the webinar again here: