3PB continues its partnership with Bridging the Bar for 2024

13th June 2024

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3PB Barristers (3 Paper Buildings) has announced its continued partnership with the charity Bridging the Bar for another year. 3PB has been a continuous sponsor and partner of Bridging the Bar since 2022.

Bridging the Bar helps facilitate many incredible career initiatives for people from non-traditional backgrounds and has actively contributed to making the Bar a better representation of the society it serves. Founded in 2020, the charity believes that the “bridge” between the Bar we see today and the Bar that is best reflective of our society can be achieved through three core objectives: Equal access to opportunity, Collaboration and Transparency. Bridging the Bar does this by delivering work experience opportunities, mentoring, personal development workshops and gives access to the resources that can help better their chances at securing pupillage.

3PB’s specialist commercial barrister Aaron MayersAaron MayersCall: 2018, who co-founded Bridging the Bar, joined the charity prior to its formal constitution with the intention of creating positive, tangible change within the profession. On 3PB's renewed partnership, Aaron said: "I am really proud to be a member of a chambers which promotes equality of opportunity and actively supports other organisations which do the same. Without the support of our partners, the BTB Academy, which provides 100 of our most impressive future barristers with a complete package of support and work experience opportunities every year, would not have been possible. I'm incredibly grateful for the support 3PB has provided us over the last three years and working together to further diversify the Bar."