Personal Injury newsletter out now featuring the latest news and case updates - June 2020

18th June 2020

Life in lockdown has brought changes for all of us and with the easing of restrictions and life going back to ‘normal’ many of us are left wondering what the new ‘normal’ means for litigators and how we, and the courts, will need to adjust.

In this edition of the newsletter Catherine PurdyCatherine PurdyCall: 1997 looks at some of these issues and whether we might be able to take any lessons from the Family Courts, which have continued to hold hearings in some form or other.

I then examine the duty on employers to provider suitable PPE in these extraordinary times when there has been much media discussion as to the lack of PPE being available to those on the front line.  We then bring to you a few short case summaries of recent decisions which may be of interest including contributions from Naomi WebberNaomi WebberCall: 2017, Charles FultonCharles FultonCall: 2015 and Grace NichollsGrace NichollsCall: 2015; along with a reminder of recent articles from Tom WebbTom WebbCall: 2010 and Richard WheelerRichard WheelerCall: 2004.

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