3PB’s cutting-edge video and telephone technology ready for remote hearings in the Employment Tribunals

7th April 2020

3PB have long used some of the best remote video and telephone support technology – principally Microsoft Teams and Lifesize and now also Zoom for certain tasks – in any barristers chambers in the UK. Given the demand to schedule telephone or video case  management hearings, our employment clerks led by Russell Porter have been extremely busy helping clients schedule these.

The news that many of the Employment Tribunals (including London Central ET from 14 April) will seek to conduct remote hearings will increase demand to use 3PB’s remote video even more.  The Courts have confirmed that employment judges will now be conducting telephone/ video case management preliminary hearings and mediations on listed cases.  The parties will be contacted with instructions.  Priority is being given to cases with hearings in the near future.

3PB’s virtual hearings technology allows the ET is able to organise the entire hearing via Teams.  It is possible to join a Teams meeting, via a link sent to an email address, just through any web browser so there is no need for participants to have downloaded the Microsoft Teams software.  However, downloading Teams is free.  Teams can also be used on a mobile phone.

To find out more about this, please email Russell Porter on [email protected] or call him on 07808 137904.