Robin Pickard speaks to Advocate on the benefits of pro bono work as a young barrister

29th April 2024

Robin Pickard photo

3PB Barristers’ (3 Paper Buildings) Robin PickardRobin PickardCall: 2022 has spoken to Advocate about his experience of undertaking pro bono work, particularly in the area of employment law, and the advice he would offer to pupils and junior barristers looking to gain similar experience. Robin undertook over 50 hours of pro bono work in 2023, being one of a handful of practitioners that undertook both the Pupil Pledge and the Pro Bono Pledge.

In the interview, Robin offers insight into his motivations for taking on pro bono work, discusses interesting cases he took on while completing the pledges and offers advice on how pupils and junior barristers can get involved and make the most out of pro bono work.

Robin’s full interview is available on the Advocate website. To read the interview, please click here.

Robin Pickard is a probationary tenant specialising in employment and discrimination cases. To contact or instruct Robin, please contact Senior Practice Manager Matthew Scanlan via email, or telephone 020 7583 8055.