Family team newsletter out now! All the latest case reviews and analysis

15th September 2020

The 3PB family team has published its September newsletter bringing you a round-up of news, articles and presentations from our latest brunch talks.

Edited by Amy BeddisAmy BeddisCall: 2009, this issue includes contributions from or news about Elizabeth McGrath QC, Vanessa Meachin QC, Martine Kushner, Lawrence MesslingLawrence MesslingCall: 1983, Lucy Hendry, Rachael Goodall, Michael GeorgeMichael GeorgeCall: 1990, Aimee FoxAimee FoxCall: 2007, Emma HarmanEmma HarmanCall: 2003, Emma GriffithsEmma GriffithsCall: 1998, Alex HodgeAlex HodgeCall: 2009, Oliver ThorneOliver ThorneCall: 2005, Emma SouthernEmma SouthernCall: 2006 as well as details of our upcoming events featuring Elisabeth HudsonElisabeth HudsonCall: 1987, Nathalie BullNathalie BullCall: 2004, Audrey ArcherAudrey ArcherCall: 2004 and Luke NelsonLuke NelsonCall: 2017.

Read the newsletter here.