How much will it cost?

Barristers are remarkably cost effective due to their low overheads. Our barristers mainly work from home which helps to reduce costs further. Many people who have instructed barristers directly have commented favourably regarding the cost of doing so. There is no duplication of work or costs, which often occur when a solicitor is also involved, therefore costs are not duplicated.

The actual cost will vary depending upon what you are instructing a barrister to do for you, the complexity and nature of your case and the seniority of counsel. We have a dedicated, experienced team of clerks that will help you decide on the level of representation you need and be your first point of contact with 3PB.

Once the papers have been considered and your clear instructions have been received, a clerk will contact you with a proposed fee and, assuming that is agreed, they will send you a letter of engagement that sets out our terms and conditions, confirms the quote and requires your counter-signature. Fees are to be paid in advance of the work being undertaken. No fees are payable until that quote has been given, accepted and that letter of engagement signed.

We require payment in advance for all work undertaken. We accept card payments from all credit and debit cards except American Express. We also accept payment by bank transfer and can provide the necessary account details upon request. We do not undertake 'no win, no fee' arrangements for public access work.

We work together with "Legal Cost Finance" a Bar Council approved partner from whom you can get credit or a payment plan to cover the costs of your case - and there are now companies who provide finance for Barristers fees. One example is Legal Cost Finance. Click here to visit their website and make an enquiry.

In some circumstances, a barrister will be required by law to carry out identification procedures. Whether these procedures apply will be considered by the barrister following your initial contact. If it does apply, the barrister we will require some proof of your identity i.e. a driving licence or passport and a recent utility bill which is proof of your name, date of birth and current address.

If you are acting on behalf of a company, you will be required to produce a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, the latest accounts at Companies House and evidence that you are authorised to act on behalf of that company.