3PB’s international family law team has extensive experience dealing with  cross-border disputes involving the movement of children, jurisdictional conflicts, international family finance, "hidden assets" and forced marriage and ‘stranded spouses’ cases.

We are regularly instructed in cases involving child abduction and relocation as well as claims following a foreign marriage or divorce, international adoption (within the context of both private law and public law proceedings) and forced marriage and surrogacy cases.

All of our international family law barristers are familiar with cases invoking the 1980 and 1996 Hague Convention, Brussels II Revised and the Maintenance Regulation. We also have considerable experience in Islamic family law and non-Hague convention cases. Members have acted in cases involving many foreign jurisdictions, offering expert advice and representation in cases involving:


  • Jurisdiction disputes including the application of the EU Maintenance Regulation
  • Foreign or offshore assets, including pensions and trusts, both valuation and distribution of, or enforcement against, such assets
  • Foreign or offshore businesses or partnerships owned/part-owned as well as residential and commercial property assets
  • Protective measures such as prevention of dissipation of assets, including world-wide freezing injunctions
  • Reciprocal enforcement of maintenance (within and outside of the EU)


  • International child abduction to or from both Hague and non-Hague countries
  • The 1996 Hague Convention and Brussels II Revised, including issues of jurisdiction and enforcement
  • The international movement of children, including applications to permanently remove children from the UK or within the UK, as well as applications for temporary leave to remove
  • International care proceedings, particularly Article 15 transfer cases within the EU and placement of children abroad (EU and world-wide)
  • International adoption and surrogacy arrangements including applications for parental orders


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