Aimee Fox

Aimee Fox

Year of Call: 2007
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 0330 332 0773

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Before joining the bar, Aimee worked on mergers and acquisitions in a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. Her experience in M&A means she is more than comfortable navigating parties’ financial arrangements on divorce.

Aimee is often instructed to represent high-net-worth parties where there are arguments involving inherited wealth or pre- or post-relationship acquired assets. Aimee has been instructed on cases where there are disputes concerning companies, trusts, partnerships, third party interests, cryptocurrency, non-disclosure, inheritance and pre-acquired wealth.

Aimee has been involved with a number of more complex matters including cases involving the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and personal injury awards. She has also been able to call upon her expertise in the law of special educational needs (SEN) to assist in advising separating spouses whose children require bespoke accommodation or additional care.

Aimee is also happy to provide representation in private FDRs and Early Neutral Evaluations.


Recent cases Aimee has been instructed on include:

C v C: Represented applicant at first instance and on appeal against leading financial remedy QC in respect of occupation of the FMH.

H v H: Represented applicant in proceedings involving enforcement of child maintenance order from another jurisdiction in the EU. At one stage of the proceedings, the case had been referred to European Court of Justice for guidance on domestic law.

R v S: Schedule 1 application in which the respondent was not domiciled in the UK and had business interests and income streams in Mexico, Belize and other jurisdictions.

H v B v S: Represented the applicant in proceedings involving a divorce obtained allegedly as a result of fraud and forgery of divorce documents. Queen’s Proctor invited to intervene.

T v T: Represented the respondent in an application to vary a ‘Christmas Order’ for child periodical payments.

W v W: A civil partnership dispute in which the assets were worth several million pounds and included a large property portfolio and a very high value share portfolio. Arguments also involved financial liabilities abroad.

B v S: Financial remedy proceedings with concurrent proceedings in the Crown Court with the matrimonial assets at risk because of a Proceeds of Crime Act application by the Crown Prosecution Service.

D v D: Financial remedy proceedings made complicated as a result of the application having been made some 15 years after the end of the marriage.

F v F: Final hearing of committal application for failure to comply with orders and provide disclosure in financial remedy proceedings.

K v K: Represented the Wife in a case where the court awarded her 100% of the identifiable assets as a result of the Husband’s poor litigation conduct.

Private Law Children, Injunction and Domestic Abuse

Aimee is well known for her expertise in private law matters.

Aimee is regularly instructed in complex proceedings involving children which include allegations of physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and parental alienation. Aimee is well equipped to handle applications where there has been social work involvement after spending a number of years representing parties in public law care proceedings.

Aimee’s expertise in education law allows her to excel in applications before the family court involving children with special educational needs (SEN), mental health diagnoses or disabilities including Autism. This also allows her to provide advice on applications involving schooling.

Aimee is experienced in representing parties involved in disputes where there is expert evidence. In her areas of practice, she has cross-examined psychologists including educational psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists as well as teachers.

She has experience of internal and international relocation cases and has provided training to solicitors on pursuing and defending relocation applications. Aimee has an LLM in European Law which makes her particularly adept in this area. She also completed prestigious internships at the British Institute of International & Comparative Law and the International Bar Association.

Aimee has been commended for her personable manner and client focused approach. She always seeks to find pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for her clients.


Recent cases Aimee has been instructed on include:

G v R: Represented a parent in protracted proceedings against a leading QC in which the subject child was recognised as academically gifted. The child’s stellar talent and achievements factored heavily in the arguments raise by the parties. Alienation was also alleged.

D v D: Represented the applicant in private law proceedings against a leading QC. Allegations of domestic abuse and punishment of the children featured in the case. The matter procedurally complex and involved the consolidation of concurrent proceedings in respect of other siblings.

R v J: Represented a high-profile public figure in private law proceedings.

A v D: 7 day fact-find to determine allegations of domestic violence. One party represented by a leading QC.

H v H: International relocation to Romania.

P v B v P: Private law proceedings in which the child had been subject to lengthy litigation and numerous appeals in Poland. Jurisdictional issues arose as well as consideration of the legal effect of orders made in Poland.

D v H v I: Lengthy private law proceedings with arguments on parental alienation and residence as well as special guardianship and the applicability of a section 91(14) barring order. There was involvement from NYAS.

A v C: Appeal in private law proceedings arising from the court’s decision to transfer residence.

D v D: Private law proceedings requiring the court’s determination in respect of the child’s medical treatment and schooling.

B v R: Private law proceedings involving multiple experts from various fields.

Y v F: Advising special guardians on international relocation.

B v B: International relocation in which respondent parent was living outside the jurisdiction.

T v T: Private law proceedings involving at 16.4 guardian and a child with Autism.

FDR Hearing Service

Aimee is available for private remote FDR hearings. For more information on private remote FDR hearings please click here.

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      The feature reviews two key cases of BT v CU and T v T, offers a postscript on PAG Report 2019 and suggests several lessons learnt from these important cases for divorce and financial settlement, notably:

      • The test for varying the quantum or rights vested under a non-income/capital award is either very high or in the alternative they are not amenable to variation as to quantum and these two strands of thinking persist for the moment
      • Practitioners should be mindful that an order for a series of lump sums may be deemed to be a camouflaged order for a series of lump sums and care needs to be made when advising and drafting
      • The costs rules as drafted do seem logical in the context of applications for variation of non-income/capital awards
      • Practitioners should be wary of inadvertently giving impermissible regulated financial advice if there is an option for an internal transfer.

      This article was first published by LexisNexis® on 10 February 2022.

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  • Recommendations

    Aimee Fox draws on expertise in both family and education law to advise in a range of financial remedy cases, including high-value matters. She is highly praised for her detailed preparation and quality advocacy.

    “She is approachable and client focussed.”
    “Aimee is always meticulously prepared and knows cases inside out. She is approachable and client-focused.”
    “She is robust in her advocacy, forensic in her preparation and empathetic with clients.”
    “Aimee applies a forensic approach to every case. She is a pleasure to work with and is compassionate towards her clients. She is a robust negotiator in court and a tough challenge for her opponents.”
    Chambers UK 2024/Family/Matrimonial Finance/Midlands Bar

    “Aimee is a very safe pair of hands.”
    “Aimee is well prepared, client-focused, and fights hard for the client.”
    “Aimee is a fierce advocate with attention to detail and a dedication to her clients. She is a pleasure to work with.”
    Chambers UK 2023/Family/Matrimonial Finance/Midlands Bar

    "Her preparation is fantastic. She takes time outside hearings to call and keep an eye on the case."
    "Her cross-examination of professional witnesses is particularly impressive."
    "She is great with the clients and gets to the bottom of what’s important in the case very quickly."
    Chambers UK 2022/Family/Matrimonial Finance/Midlands Bar

    ‘Fierce and robust advocate’ Aimee Fox is another notable name for matrimonial finance work in chambers.
    ‘Aimee is thorough and well-prepared. She is conscientious and has a very good eye for detail. She has a very good rapport with clients. She can identify relevant issues quickly and offer clear, realistic, and structured advice.’

    Legal 500 2024/Divorce and Financial Remedy/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit

    Aimee Fox is described as a ‘thorough and well-prepared advocate who has an excellent manner with clients’ and specialises in private law proceedings involving children in vulnerable circumstances or with special educational needs – the latter crossing over with her education law practice.

    ‘Aimee is thorough, well-prepared and has an excellent manner with clients. She builds trust and confidence by understanding and appreciating clients' needs and concerns. She has excellent knowledge and understanding of each case.’

    Legal 500 2024/Family: Children and Domestic Violence/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit

    ‘Aimee’s knowledge of the family court, that forum's understanding of special educational needs law, and the overlapping issues is second-to-none.‘

    Legal 500 2024/Education/Leading Juniors/London Bar

    ‘Aimee has an excellent and empathetic manner, ensuring that her submissions hit home effectively. She can get to the heart of cases and focuses on the individuals rather than just the law.’

    Legal 500 2024/Education/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit - Tier 1

    ‘Aimee is a barrister who has excellent preparation and attention to detail and fights tirelessly for her clients. She is approachable and is responsive to instructions very promptly when required. She has an excellent rapport with clients and builds trust and confidence from the start of the case with all professionals in the case.’

    Legal 500 2023/Divorce and Financial Remedy/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit

    ‘Aimee is a tenacious advocate who will ensure that a client’s case is put forward in a firm and well-structured manner. She is always impeccably prepared and will build a rapport with the client, demonstrating her knowledge whilst also being very personable.’

    Legal 500 2023/Child Law (Public and Private)/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit

    ‘Aimee is exceptionally knowledgeable and pays great attention to the details of her work.’

    Legal 500 2023/Education/Leading Juniors/London Bar - Ranked Tier 1

    Aimee Fox is ranked in the Legal 500 2023/Education/Leading Juniors/London Bar edition.

    ‘Aimee has great empathy with clients, a tremendous advocate and has technical knowledge. That is an amazing combination to have as a barrister and as a result I frequently instruct her to represent my clients.’

    Legal 500 2022/Divorce and Financial Remedy/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit

    ‘Aimee has great empathy with clients, a tremendous advocate and has technical knowledge. That is an amazing combination to have as a barrister and as a result I frequently instruct her to represent my clients.’

    Legal 500 2022/Child Law (Public and Private)/Leading Juniors/Midlands Circuit

    ''Aimee has a fantastic knowledge of the law and quickly builds up a good relationship with clients.''

    Legal 500 2022/Education/Leading Juniors/London Bar

    ''Efficient, thorough, analytical and persuasive. Absorbs information quickly and clearly sets out the options and risks. Very good advocate in court and tribunals. Well-prepared and presents very well both in terms of oral advocacy and documents drafted. Able to deal with complex issues including judicial reviews.’'

    Legal 500 2021/Education/Leading Individual/London Bar

    "Aimee Fox successfully defending Wolverhampton City Council in a judicial review matter against allegations that it failed in its duty under section 19(1) of the Education Act 1996, to provide education services to the claimant."

    Legal 500 2021/Education/Leading Individual/London Bar

    "3PB's Aimee Fox is a 'fountain of knowledge when it comes to special educational needs law', with a practice that covers advice to both schools and parents."

    Legal 500 2021/Education/Leading Individual/Midlands

    ‘Thorough in her preparation, clear and concise in her advice, and inspires confidence in clients.’

    Legal 500 2021/Education/Leading Individual/Midlands

    ‘An excellent advocate who is extremely capable in both financial remedy and private children proceedings.’

    Legal 500 2021/Child law (public and private)/Leading Individual/Midlands
    Legal 500 2021/Divorce and financial proceedings/Leading Individual/Midlands

    ‘She is extremely approachable, thorough, pragmatic and realistic.'

    Legal 500 2020/Education/Leading Individual

    ‘Recommended for cases involving children with special educational needs.’

    Legal 500 2020/Family Matrimonial/Leading Individual/Midlands


    ‘Aimee’s reputation goes before her, and I would have no hesitation recommending her and instructing her. We have had the pleasure of working together on some very complex cases, and Aimee’s thorough preparation, calm and methodical approach and attention to detail are attributes of hers which shine. Excellent counsel. Love working with Aimee.’


    ‘I have already had an email from the client saying how wonderful you were and would just like to thank you again’


    ‘Aimee is thorough and determined’


    ‘An excellent outcome! Our client said that you were fantastic at court and is happy with the outcome’

    Associate Solicitor

    ‘A brilliant outcome!’

    Associate Solicitor

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