Road Traffic / Motor Claims / Credit Hire

3PB has a vast experience of cases arising out of road traffic accidents. Our junior tenants regularly appear in fast track claims, and the more senior members of chambers appear in a range of more significant cases.

Our expertise includes multiple vehicle crashes, cases involving fraud, cases with a foreign element, claims by children and pedestrians on the highway injured by vehicles, and cases involving the MIB and all aspects of road traffic insurance law. We have considerable expertise in both cycle and motorcycle claims.

3PB have a strong team of experienced credit hire barristers with the knowledge and flexibility to work on credit hire cases with a personal injury element: so will provide you with the continuity of service across these areas where called for, and avoid the need for you to give duplicate instructions.

Alongside our barristers long-earned reputation for high quality advocacy, our credit hire barristers boast considerable expertise in the complex and rapidly-evolving area of credit hire law. We provide well-informed advice, drafting and representation on matters impacting credit hire providers and their challengers and offer expertise informed by the latest case law – with reference to McBride, for example, on the courts’ approach to matters such as BHR evidence, 7 versus 28-day rates, and challenges in respect of a nil excess. More broadly, the team has wide experience in handling issues arising from impecuniosity, mitigation and Consumer Credit Acts enforceability arguments.