Fraudulent insurance claims

3PB’s specialist fraud team are at the forefront of insurance fraud law and are highly experienced in all types of fraudulent personal injury and motor claims. We have been instructed in many of the leading cases in this area. Our barristers regularly deal with the whole range of personal injury fraud cases from high value exaggeration fraud, cases involving suspected staged/contrived accidents, ‘phantom passenger’ claims, induced collisions, low velocity impact collisions and claims involving lower-value fraudulent claims. Many of our members also have experience and specialist knowledge of defending suspected ‘fraud rings’ involving organised fraudulent activity.

Members aim to provide realistic and practical advice, both in conference and in writing, to solicitors and insurers from an early stage in proceedings through to trial. Members are especially sensitive to the particular demands of professional insurer clients dealing with high volumes of these increasingly common types of case, and the need for instructions to be dealt with quickly to achieve the best results

We operate a ‘cradle to grave’ service with barristers frequently being introduced to a case at an early stage to evaluate the evidence on fraud and steer the claim to a successful conclusion. Members take a robust approach with regard to such cases and are alive to the need to consider further action, such as committal or the involvement of IFED to ensure that proven cases of fraud have the maximum deterrent effect possible to would-be fraudsters. Finally, members of the specialist costs team in Chambers are often brought in to ensure that the maximum costs recovery can be sought against fraudsters and those who support their claims.

3PB specialist barristers regularly act in fraud cases involving:

  • Findings of fundamental dishonesty claims
  • The use of Section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
  • Abuse of process applications
  • Exaggeration fraud
  • Fraud rings
  • Late discontinuance in the face of allegations of fraud
  • Committal proceedings
  • CRU appeals in light of evidence of fraud
  • Costs issues relating to fraudulent claims