Fatal and catastrophic injuries

Fatal claims cover all claims after fatal accidents or disease, including claims under the LRMPA. Catastrophic claims cover the most serious injuries, injuries that have a life-changing effect upon not only the claimant, but also upon his or her family. Where such claims arise from a birth injury or other medical treatment, they will usually be dealt with by a member of our clinical negligence team. 3PB has also acted for one or more parties in some of the major disasters in the UK where multiple catastrophic and fatal injuries have occurred. By their very nature, catastrophic injury claims are both complex and demanding.

These claims involve strategic management and expert input from the very outset of each case, including the consideration of care and rehabilitation, case management, lifelong medical / therapeutic treatment, the use of multiple experts in various disciplines and complicated financial settlement structures often with Court of Protection involvement. They also require very sensitive handling, with injured claimants and their families facing the most challenging period of their lives.

At 3PB we have some of the leading specialists in the field of catastrophic and fatal injury work, regularly representing those who have suffered catastrophic birth injury, traumatic and acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation and serious orthopaedic or internal injuries. Our practitioners have been involved in many of the highest value and highest profile catastrophic injury cases before the courts, often attracting seven and eight figures awards of damages. The wealth of such experience at 3PB at Silk, Senior Junior and Junior barrister level means that 3PB is able to provide a complete service in respect of any litigation from events in the UK or abroad such as claims against haulage companies, beach owners and leisure operators, bouncy castle operators, leisure operators, construction companies, restaurants and manufacturers.