Industrial Disease

3PB have a longstanding and substantial experience of handling all the recognised (and the so-called emerging) occupational disease claims, ranging from asbestos to stress. Recent significant cases include:

  • Very high value mesothelioma claims (doctors, other health care professionals and successful executives)
  • Lung cancer and asbestosis claims
  • Nasal cancer arising from exposure to wood dust
  • Bladder cancer arising from industrial exposure to chemicals
  • Occupational stress claims involving prominent business executives and sales professionals
  • Work-related upper limb claims of both the diffuse and clinically recognised varieties, such as
    carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, epicondylitis and “RSI”
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia claims
  • Multi-party deafness and vibration white finger claims
  • The miners’ knee litigation.