Business financing

This area includes:

  • Loan contracts and bonds
  • Charges and other security
  • Bills of exchange / promissory notes
  • Receivables financing (factoring)
  • Stock financing
  • Guarantees, indemnities and performance bonds
  • Payment systems.

Members of 3PB’s commercial group routinely advise and act in relation to disputes relating to business financing. We have a wealth of experience of traditional financing, asset- and debt-based finance, as well as credit and security. We also regularly act in banking disputes, including litigation over mandates, cheques, credit/debit cards and electronic funds transfers.

We are able to respond quickly to obtain urgent Court relief to trace mistaken payments, preserve assets, and obtain freezing and search orders. We can advise you on the suitability of urgent relief, and guide you through the tactics and procedure of obtaining it.

Particular areas of expertise include: disputes about security, including guarantees and mortgages; performance bonds; documentary credits; leasing, credit and asset hire agreements; and negligence claims (acting for both sides) for defective banking services and financial advice.

The team also has specialist knowledge and expertise in advising on financial products mis-selling claims, including claims arising out of the swaps, derivatives and Libor scandals, acting both for and against claimants.