Faizul Azman

Faizul Azman

Year of Call: 2018
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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Clerk Details

  • Clerk Name: David Fielder
  • Clerk Telephone: 020 7583 8055
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]


Faizul Azman is regularly instructed in a broad range of commercial law matters.  He provides advice, drafts pleadings, and represents clients in litigation at both interlocutory and final hearings.  Faizul’s commercial practice focusses on the following areas:

  • Breach of contract
  • Misrepresentation, undue influence & duress
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Director/Shareholder disputes
  • Professional liability
  • Intellectual Property
  • Non-Contentious – corporate governance structures

Faizul’s recent commercial work includes:

  • Successfully striking out a defence to a £90,000 claim
  • Drafting pleadings for force majeure/frustration of contract, and successfully obtaining a settlement worth 90% of the claim after a wedding was cancelled due to the pandemic
  • Advising on the merits of bringing a claim for breach of contract against an independent school when the Government closed schools because of the pandemic
  • Advising on the merits of bringing a claim for misrepresentation against a property developer
  • Advising on the merits of resisting an appeal where the court had made overlapping and contradictory Orders following an Order of Sale
  • Advising and drafting a defence following a claim for a right to reject a motorhome worth £50,000 under the Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Advising on the merits of bringing a professional liability claim against a trade union on behalf of a university lecturer
  • Advising on the corporate governance structure of a public body
  • Recommendations

    “Faizul’s advice was clear, on-point and focussed on what our client needed to do and he gave our client clear options as to the next steps our client could take.  The advice Faizul gave was indeed relevant to the client’s own situation and what he wanted to achieve.  We would be pleased to instruct Faizul in the future in relation to any internet domain/IP matter…” Solicitor

    “Faizul did a great job” Solicitor

    “Notwithstanding the result, my clients were very impressed with Mr Azman” Solicitor

    “… As soon as we spoke, I realised I was in exactly the right hands. You did a great job putting me at ease even with the tech issues I was having. You must have been told before that you have a great bedside manner. Thank you so much for getting me over the final hurdle with such a great result… If the opportunity to recommend you ever comes my way I most definitely will”  Lay Client

    “… my experience of instructing Faizul has been very positive, and I did seek to instruct him again, though he was unavailable on this occasion… I look forward to instructing him again” Solicitor

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