Saunak Irani Nayar v2 bw

Saunak Irani-Nayar

Year of Call: 2021
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 0121 289 4333

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  • Clerk Name: David Fielder
  • Clerk Telephone: 0207 583 8055
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]


Saunak Irani-Nayar is a commercial barrister who specialises in banking, securities and finance litigation, contractual and business-to-business disputes, property disputes and consumer credit litigation.

He appears in both the High Court and the County Court at all stages of proceedings, from interim relief and pre-action advice through to trials and appeals. Saunak has acted in several multi-day trials, Fast Track and Multi Track matters. He is equally comfortable in working in larger counsel teams or as the sole instructed counsel on a case.

Saunak’s significant experience of employment law means he is well placed to act and advise where there is a crossover between commercial and employment law. Recent instructions in this area include appearing as sole counsel in the High Court in a high-value claim involving the alleged misuse of confidential information in the recruitment consultancy industry. The claim included allegations of breach of the terms of the employment contract, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of confidentiality, unlawful means conspiracy, infringement of copyright and unlawful inducement of breach of contract.

Saunak has a strong, active client base for a barrister of his level of call. In particular, he receives instructions from the litigation team of a major international law firm, and regularly acts for defendant banks and financial institutions at interim hearings and trials. He has experience of possession claims, assignments, hire-purchase agreements, return of goods, compliance and enforceability of statutory notices, s.75 connected lender liability, and s.140A unfair relationships under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Saunak has a broad experience of other consumer matters, including equine cases, particularly involving title to horses, purchase and sale disputes (under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Sales of Good Act 1979), and veterinary negligence.

Saunak graduated with a BA and MA degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge and has been awarded several scholarships and prizes for his academic results. Saunak ranked 1st in his year on the GDL, achieving one of the highest sets of marks ever recorded on the course. Following this, he completed the BPTC ranking 2nd in his year and was called to the Bar as the top-ranking student at Middle Temple.



  • Recommendations

    "I would like to pass on my relief (and gratitude) at having him in front of me for the last 2 days. He had clearly read the papers and, when putting his case, was succinct, realistic and sympathetic (when it was appropriate to be so in light of the delicacy of the subject matter). His cross-examination was well structured and covered the ground clearly and with precision. Bravo. I look forward to seeing more of him and have already sung his praise to others."

    Judge, appeared before

    "I have had the pleasure of Saunak’s support on a number of matters over recent weeks, at a time when our team has been facing a considerable amount of pressure, and there was a need to simply ‘get on with it’. Saunak has delivered clear, detailed and articulate advice; and, perhaps just as importantly, that advice has been delivered on time. I have found Saunak to be responsive, reliable and approachable. I would be happy to recommend him."


    "I have worked with Saunak on a few matters now and he has been such a pleasure to work with. It is clear that he is a bright spark, well poised and eager to learn and we would be happy to continue working with him. The judge today stated that Saunak’s submissions were ‘eloquent’ and ‘rather persuasive’ and commended Saunak’s hearing preparation which resulted in us being awarded our costs."


    “I just wanted to commend the work that Saunak has done over the last few days on a trial. It has been a really good experience working with him - client service has been excellent, his knowledge and adaptability - very good, and his willingness to "dig in" - very impressive; I have been really impressed with the work he has done and the outcome he delivered and am very thankful to him.”