Rob Dawson

Rob Dawson

Year of Call: 2019
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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  • Clerk Telephone: 020 7583 8055
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Commercial barrister Rob Dawson is regularly instructed in a range of commercial matters at all stages of litigation proceedings. He regularly represents clients at interim hearings in relation to strike out, summary judgment or set aside applications. He is already building a strong practice in professional liability claims (see separate tab).

Rob has appeared in the High Court on multiple occasions to present winding-up petitions and has also appeared in the Court of Public Examination.

Rob has a busy advisory and drafting practice. He regularly advises on the prospects of success of bringing or defending claims, causation issues, limitation, remedies and the quantum of damages.

Examples of recent work include:

  • Advised on the prospects of success and drafted Particulars of Claim in a dispute concerning the repayment of a company loan pursuant to a personal guarantee provided by shareholders
  • Advised a retailer of luxury homeware products on the prospects of obtaining an order for the delivery up of goods arising from the exercise of a lien by a logistics company
  •  Drafted Particulars of Claim and a Reply and Defence to Counterclaim in a misrepresentation claim on behalf of a contractor arising from the purchase of defective plant and machinery
  • Regularly instructed to advise on contractual interpretation and exclusion of liability clauses

He has advised and drafted pleadings in cases involving:

  • Unpaid debts
  • Sale of goods and supply of services
  • Misrepresentation claims
  • Guarantees and indemnities
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Restitution claims
  • Consumer rights claims
  • Consumer credit agreements



Professional liability

Rob Dawson is developing a practice in professional liability claims, mainly relating to professionals involved in construction and engineering projects.

Examples of recent work include:

  • Advising a property purchaser and drafting Particulars of Claim in a claim against a building surveyor arising from property defects that were not identified within a pre-purchase building survey
  • Providing advice on the prospects of success and the diminution in value of a large manor house in a claim against a building surveyor resulting from major defects discovered following the completion of a pre-purchase building survey
  • Drafted Particulars of Claim in relation to a professional negligence claim against a firm of solicitors arising out of the wrongful termination of a commercial lease
  • Providing advice on the merits of a professional negligence claim against a veterinary practice arising out of the pre-purchase examination of a racehorse
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