3PB runs for charity in Winchester on Sunday 

1st April 2022

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The Winchester General 10k obstacle run takes place this weekend, with a strong turnout from 3PB Barristers.  This event is the fifth leg of the Western Circuit Running Challenge (WCRC), which has the aim of running an event in all thirteen locations with a major court centre on the Western Circuit. This will raise money for the British Heart Foundation, Panathlon Challenge and Little Hearts Matter.  3PB, the largest barristers' chambers on the Western Circuit, adopted the WCRC as its Charity of the Year in 2022.

Taking place just outside Winchester on Sunday 3rd April, the race promises to be fun, muddy and wet for all those taking part. Several obstacles litter the 10k course including a tank to crawl under and other devious challenges which the organisers are keeping a closely-guarded secret!

The 3PB team (pictured here at an earlier race) is led by the head of its crime team, Adam Feest QC(second right), although in the greatest tradition of these things he expects to lead from a very distant rear. Not least of all because the rest of the team are so much younger than him!

Ellena James and Thomas Evans will be providing tactical support, warm encouragement and (hopefully) many laughs.  The heavy lifting duties are being left to the 2engine-room" provided by three of 3PB's very able pupil barristers: Rachel BaleRachel BaleCall: 2019, Robert DawsonRob DawsonCall: 2019 and Olivia McGonigleOlivia McGonigleCall: 2021.

If you would like to donate to the fundraising runners and give money to the British Heart Foundation, Panathlon Challenge and Little Hearts Matter, then please click here to help raise funds for these worthy causes.