Protection from discrimination, equality of opportunities, and equal treatment at work form fundamental parts of employment law in the United Kingdom.

The Equality Act 2010, a consolidating anti-discrimination statute, specifically provides protection against discrimination because of a person’s age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex, and sexual orientation (the ‘protected characteristics’) - be that directly, indirectly, by victimisation, by harassment, by failing to make reasonable adjustment - or by discrimination arising from disability. It also requires there to be equal pay for male and female workers.  Development of case law in these areas is ongoing, fast-moving, and sometimes very complicated.

At 3PB our barristers are employment and discrimination law specialists who are at the very forefront of their areas of expertise.  Consequently, they are able to deal with cases involving any or all of the aforementioned issues, as well as when they arise in connection with other types of claim, notably unfair dismissal and whistleblowing claims. They act for both employees and employers during employment relationships and at all stages of the litigation process. They are able to analyse, break down and simplify the most difficult legal issues and then provide strategic and tactical advice and representation of the highest quality to their clients in a personable, straightforward, and easy to understand manner.

As a result of having a number of offices situated over a wide geographical area, 3PB has a nationwide presence and our barristers appear at Employment Tribunals, County Courts, the High Court, and in the Appellate Courts all over the country. Our team also regularly provide lectures, seminars, and mock trials.