Remuneration, bonuses, notice pay

The 3PB team regularly advise employees and employers on salary negotiations, appraisals and contract variations.  These are always matters of significance for both the employer and employee.

Our team has in depth experience of advising employees and employers on bonus schemes, their interpretation and enforceability.  We regularly advise employees and employers on the tactics to adopt when contracts terminate. For example, the 3PB team can advise employees on where to bring claims (i.e. in the Employment Tribunal for an unlawful deduction of wages or in the High Court/County Court for breach of contract.) We also regularly advise employers on whether they can lawfully refuse to award bonuses (or shares) following the termination of employment.

The 3PB team comprises senior practitioners who are experienced in dealing with such major issues. Our barristers have experience of both Employment Tribunal and High Court litigation and can provide a holistic approach to resolving any dispute. Many of the employment team have specific and detailed knowledge of the FCA Remuneration Codes.