Public Interest Disclosures - or whistleblowing - is a technically difficult area of law in which the 3PB team has expertise,  experience and a long standing reputation for excellence. Whistleblowing cases are often at the intersection of employment law and public policy or criminal law. Whistleblowing claims often involve a greater degree of investigation than other claims, understanding the complexities of the industry or the public sector in which the client operates, and the alleged wrongdoing on the part of the employer

Members of the 3PB team act for both employees and employers.

Some employees  may  not realise that they have “whistleblown”, they may believe they were simply raising professional concerns. However, following this, their career may suffer, and they may suffer unexplained detriments.

For employers who are faced with an allegation of whistleblowing detriment  the consequences can be significant, both reputationally and financially and clear, incisive and definitive advice is needed.

Whether you are an employee or an employer the 3PB specialists can advise on the issues involved, draft the claim form or response and conduct the case all the way to a final hearing if necessary.

Members of the team have appeared in cases throughout the UK, in Employment Tribunals and the appeal courts, both for and against major institutions, both private and public.