Naomi Webber

Naomi Webber

Year of Call: 2017
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Telephone: 01865 793 736

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Employment and discrimination

Naomi Webber has a busy employment practice, acting for claimants and respondents in preliminary hearings, multi-day final hearings, and judicial mediation, both in person and via CVP. She also regularly drafts pleadings and provides written advice.

Her practice covers a wide range of employment law. She has advised and acted in claims involving:

  • Unfair dismissal (including automatic unfair dismissal and constructive unfair dismissal)
  • All forms of discrimination (direct and indirect discrimination, failure to make reasonable adjustments, and harassment)
  • Whistleblowing
  • Equal pay
  • Unlawful deduction from wages
  • Holiday pay
  • Worker status
  • Redundancy
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Breach of contract (in the Employment Tribunal and County Court)

She recently acted as second junior counsel for the Respondent in Harpur Trust v Brazel (appeal to the Supreme Court, concerning holiday pay for part-year workers).

Naomi’s background in university teaching means she is willing and able to provide training in a range of areas of employment law. She regularly presents case law updates and contributes to the 3PB Employment and Discrimination newsletter.

Prior to pupillage, Naomi worked as a judicial assistant in the Court of Appeal, where she worked on a number of ground-breaking employment cases, in areas including National Minimum Wage, whistleblowing, territorial jurisdiction, and harassment.

  • Articles
    • Competing rights in foster care

      Naomi Webber reviews R (Cornerstone) v Ofsted [2021] EWCA Civ 1390, a case considering whether a requirement for foster parents to be in heterosexual marriages on religious grounds was discriminatory.

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    • Interim relief not incompatible

      Naomi Webber reviews Steer v Stormsure Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 887, a case which examines whether the lack of provision for interim relief in discrimination and victimisation claims under the Equality Act does not breach ECHR rules.

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    • Foster carers: worker status under Art 11 ECHR

      Naomi Webber examines the Court of Appeal's decision in National Union of Professional Foster Carers v The Certification Officer [2021] EWCA Civ 548, the latest in a number of decisions to look at the unique position of foster carers, this time considering the ability to form trade unions, under Article 11 European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (‘ECHR’) (the right to freedom of association).

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    • Pregnant then screwed? R (On the application of Motherhood Plan & Anor) v HM Treasury & Anor [2021] EWHC 309 (Admin)

      R (On the application of Motherhood Plan & Anor) v HM Treasury & Anor [2021] EWHC 309 (Admin)

      Naomi Webber analyses the case of R (On the application of Motherhood Plan & Anor) v HM Treasury & Anor [2021] EWHC 309 (Admin). A case concerning direct discrimination.

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    • On interim relief and incompatibility

      Naomi Webber analyses Steer v Stormsure Ltd UKEAT/0216/20/AT, a case which could well add another tool in the armoury for claimants bringing in claims for discriminatory dismissals.

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    • Disability Discrimination the Employment Tribunal: lessons for education lawyers

      Disability Discrimination in the Employment Tribunal: lessons for education lawyers
      Sarah Bowen and Naomi Webber consider two recent appellate decisions (Khorochilova v Euro Rep Limited UKEAT/0266/19/DA and Robinson v DWP [2020] EWCA Civ 859) in respect of the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 (EqA) in relation to the protected characteristic of disability. Whilst the facts of the cases relate to the employment sector, the same definition of disability applies in the context of education. Accordingly, their principles are directly relevant and applicable to disability discrimination claims in education.

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    • Worker Status Sent Spinning - Case summary of Varnish v British Cycling

      Employment law barrister, Naomi Webber analyses the case of Varnish v British Cycling.

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    • Marriage discrimination: Gould v St Johns Downshire Hill UKEAT/0002/20/BA

      3PB's employment law barrister Naomi Webber reviews the case of Gould v St Johns Downshire UKEAT/0002/20/BA.

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    • Be wary of the ‘last straw’

      Be wary of the ‘last straw’: Williams v Alderman Davies Church in Wales Primary School UKEAT/0108/19/LA

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    • Is the law of vicarious liability still ‘on the move’? Barclays Bank plc v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC 13

      Is the law of vicarious liability still ‘on the move’? Barclays Bank plc v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC 13

      The 126 claimants in this case were all employees of Barclays Bank who, at the start of their employment between the late 1960s and early 1980s, were required to undergo a medical examination. Examinations were carried out by Dr Bates (now deceased), a general practitioner who was not an employee of the Bank but engaged as an independent contractor to provide this service, and did so at his home. The Claimants alleged that they were sexually assaulted by Dr Bates while undergoing this examination and brought a group action against the Bank for compensation. A preliminary issue was whether Barclays could be vicariously liable for his actions.

      At first instance, the High Court found that Barclays had been vicariously liable. The Court of Appeal agreed, applying the five-part test in Various Claimants v Catholic Child Welfare Society [2012] UKSC 56, and Cox v Ministry of Justice [2016] UKSC 10.

      Supreme Court Decision (Lady Hale) - the key issue was whether the relationship between Dr Bates and Barclays was ‘akin to employment’. The Supreme Court held unanimously that it was not.

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    • Employment Law Case Summaries

      EAT Case Summaries by Daniel Brown and Naomi Webber.

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    • Diplomatic immunity and leapfrog

      Diplomatic immunity and leapfrog: Naomi Webber analyses Basfar v Wong UKEAT/0223/19/BA

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    • Ethical veganism: a philosophical belief

      Ethical veganism: a philosophical belief. Naomi Webber analyses Casamitjana v The League Against Cruel Sports (ET case no. 3331129/2018).

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    • Is a belief in the moral importance of copyright a ‘philosophical belief’?

      Is a belief in the moral importance of copyright a 'philosophical belief'? Naomi Webber analyses Gray v Mulberry [2019] EWCA Civ 1720

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    • Shared parental leave – Discrimination against men?

      Shared parental leave – Discrimination against men? Naomi Webber analyses Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd, Chief Constable of Leicestershire v Hextall [2019] EWCA Civ 900

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Academic qualifications

  • Bar Professional Training Course, City Law School, 2016-17
  • LLM in Law, University College London, 2015-16
  • BA Jurisprudence (Law), Worcester College, University of Oxford, 2011-2014


  • Inner Temple Exhibition Award, 2016

Professional bodies

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law Bar Association (ALBA)
  • Education Law Association (ELAS)
  • Employment Lawyers Association (ELA)
  • Employment Law Bar Association (ELBA)
  • Industrial Law Society (ILS)