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Commercial update: Professional negligence – Solicitors’ duty to warn of risks incidental to their retainer

When will a solicitor need to give a warning to his client about obvious risks that come to his attention when performing his retainer, but which he has not been formally retained to advise on? Richard Whitehouse  analyses the Court of Appeals recent decision in Lyons v. Fox Williams LLP [2018] EWCA Civ 2347. Click here to read Richard's analysis. […]

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3PB Barrister James Davies reviews "Accountants' Negligence and Liability" by Simon Salzedo QC and Tony Singla

3PB barrister James Davies’ review of Accountants’ Negligence and Liability by Simon Salzedo QC and Tony Singla of Brick Court has been published in the Journal of Professional Negligence. James was asked to review this new book covering the complex nature of professional negligence claims against accountants across the full range of work they undertake. […]

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