Rob Dawson

Rob Dawson

Year of Call: 2019
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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  • Clerk Name: David Fielder
  • Clerk Telephone: 020 7583 8055
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]

Construction and engineering

Construction barrister Rob Dawson has an in-depth experience of the construction sector. This has been gained from working in the industry, his Masters in ‘Construction Law, Arbitration and Adjudication’ and his involvement in alternative dispute resolution processes and litigation proceedings.

Examples of recent work include:

  • Instructed as sole counsel in the Technology and Construction Court to resist enforcement of an adjudicator’s decision on jurisdictional and natural justice grounds.
  • Instructed as sole counsel to represent a contractor at trial in a claim for wrongful termination of a construction contract by the employer
  • Instructed as sole counsel at trial in a claim for defective works against a construction contractor
  • Regularly representing clients at interim hearings in relation to strike out, summary judgment or set aside applications
  • Drafting pleadings in cases involving payment disputes under construction contracts, wrongful termination claims, delay and disruption claims, claims for damages arising out of defective building works and actions to recover unpaid debt
  • Drafting an adjudication Referral on behalf of a subcontractor arising from a failure by the main contractor to issue the correct payment notices
  • Drafting an adjudication Referral in relation to a ‘true value adjudication’ in a final account dispute between a subcontractor and main contractor
  • Regularly advising on the prospects of success of bringing or defending claims, causation, limitation, remedies, and the quantum of any damages
  • Advised the management company of a seaside block of flats on the merits of a claim against a construction company arising out of defective remedial works following storm damage
  • Advised on the prospects of success and quantum of a claim against a contractor arising from the use of inadequate materials in the construction of an agricultural building
  • Advised a local authority on limitation issues in defending a claim for payment arising out of the construction of a community centre
  • Advised a contractor on a payment dispute arising under a bespoke contract for the construction of residential property
  • Advised property owners on the prospects of success and quantum of a claim against a builder resulting from the defective construction of a two-storey property extension


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