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Peter Collie

Year of Call: 1994
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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Clerks Details

  • Clerk Name: Stephen Evers
  • Clerk Telephone: 020 7583 8055
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]

Construction and engineering

Expert determination

Peter has been appointed by third parties and nominating bodies such as the ICC and RICS on numerous occasions to act as “expert” to determine disputes.


Peter provides strategic, detailed and tactical advice to clients, be they employers, contractors, subcontractors or banks, in relation to their rights and obligations under and relating to construction contracts around the world and in the UK.  He provides written advocacy and appears as an advocate for his clients in courts and tribunals around the world.   He has appeared as advocate in the TCC and the Court of Appeal as well as in arbitrations in the UK and internationally.


Peter is licenced to conduct litigation by the Bar Standards Board and provides a full legal service for his clients.

Examples of Peter’s expertise include:

  • Appointed Sole Standing Dispute Board across 3 Roads Contracts in Georgia by ICC
  • Adjudicator in a dispute over the design of the work in an EPC Waste to Power Project
  • Appointed as Sole Expert Review Board by ICC on a US$2 Billion PPP gas-fired power station and desalination plant in Bahrain
  • Appointed as a dispute avoider on Crossrail projects (TfL CAP)
  • Appointed as Adjudicator on a £3million professional negligence claim on a roads project in Scotland
  • Appointed four times as Adjudicator on a housing development in London
  • Representing a contractor in an ICC Arbitration relating to a PPP Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia
  • Representing a government in an arbitration over an Infrastructure project in the Caribbean (FIDIC Contract)
  • Advising a specialist contractor in relation to several coal fired power stations in South Africa
  • Appointed Adjudicator twice on a £10 million dispute over Construction Halls in a Dockyard
  • Appointed Adjudicator in relation to a professional negligence claim on a 5 star Hotel
  • Appointed Adjudicator four times on a Combined Cycle Power Station in the UK
  • Appointed Adjudicator on an Olympic 2012 Legacy Project
  • Appointed as Expert on a Housing Project in Bahrain
  • Appointed Arbitrator on a dispute in Mauritius
  • Appointed Adjudicator on a dispute over a Waste to Energy and Composting Facility
  • Acting as co-arbitrator (DIAC) in a dispute over the termination of a contract for a large water plant (UAE)
  • Acting as co-arbitrator (DIAC) on a dispute over professional fees and alleged negligence (UAE)
  • Appointed as Adjudicator on four disputes over a new Football Stadium
  • Counsel in the first no payment or payless notices dispute enforcement in the UK
  • Litigation representing a major contractor in a procurement dispute in the UK
  • Appointed Adjudicator on a dispute over the Media Centre for the London 2012 Olympics
  • Appointed as Adjudicator five times in relation to disputes under an NEC Contract
  • Appointed Adjudicator five times in relation to disputes over the construction of a boutique hotel
  • Appointed as Arbitrator on a dispute over professional fees
  • Appointed as Arbitrator on a dispute over the construction of a large private residence
  • Arbitration (FIDIC) - Representing a specialist erection company in relation to a dispute over the erection of wind turbines in the North Sea
  • Advising a blue-chip client with regard to their contractual entitlement in relation to a large PFI Light Rail Infrastructure Project in a £45 million dispute
  • Representing a blue-chip client in a £7 million dispute over who caused delays to a major PFI project
  • Acting as adjudicator on a FIDIC engineering contract in a circa £10 million dispute over the construction of a power station. The dispute included termination and the correct valuation of the works
  • Sole Dispute Board Member on a dispute over water and sewerage installation in Bulgaria
  • Representing a contractor in relation to sewage works scrubbing plant disputes
  • Representing the employer (HAT) in a major claim for breach of contract and professional negligence
  • Advising a specialist international cladding contractor on a dispute over the supply and delivery of cladding for a mixed-use development, including successfully appearing as advocate to lift an injunction to prevent a bank paying under a Standby Letter of Credit
  • Advising a main contractor in an adjudication under the NEC form of contract over the measurement and value of the works
  • Acting as mediator in a five-party dispute in relation to high aluminium concrete structures
  • Advising on a contract for the construction of an international airport.
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