Nick Robinson represents defendant charged with an attempted honour killing

8th March 2024

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3PB's criminal defence barrister Nick RobinsonNick RobinsonCall: 2006's client AO was charged with Attempted Murder following an altercation in which he stabbed a fellow Afghan national twice. At the time AO was aged 17 years, and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to his experiences in Afghanistan.

The case had international ramifications as the defendant, who had been trafficked to the UK, fled to Europe after the offence, and was arrested and interviewed in Salzburg before being extradited.

Issues arose regarding the admissibility of the Austrian interview, and consequent to service of the defence statement, and discussions with the prosecution, a plea of guilty to the lesser alternative offence of Wounding with Intent was accepted by the prosecution, who offered no evidence on the more serious charge, resulting in the trial being avoided.

AO received a custodial sentence of 4 years and 9 months, and upon the judicial direction of HHJ Evans KC, he was found not guilty of Attempted Murder.

The case was widely reported in the media, including the Daily Mail and Bournemouth Echo.

Nick was instructed by Dwayne Lewis of Renshaw Derrick Solicitors.

To contact nick Robinson, or to instruct him, please email his clerk Stuart Pringle on [email protected] or by calling him on 01962 868884.