How to become a barrister - a two-part series from 3PB for aspiring pupils

21st July 2020

A selection of 3PB’s current and future pupils shared their insight in to how to secure a place as a pupil; and how to make the most out of pupillage once you’re in chambers.

Watch the video below to hear them tell the whole story – warts and all – and share their own tips and experiences from knowing where to apply to, to making an application, preparing for – then smashing – those interviews; and of course what it’s really like to be in a pupil at one of the UK’s oldest, biggest and most innovative multi-disciplinary chambers.



Part 2 - life as a barrister

The second part of the series is on 24 July and is aimed at those wanting to know more about the life of a barrister and about options through your career – such as achieving a judicial appointment, becoming an author or taking silk – from the people who’ve done it.

You’ll ‘meet’ a selection of 3PB barristers from the very junior to the most top ranking silks and hear about how their careers have developed over time.

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