Dorset murder of father by lighter fluid addict son

28th October 2019

3PB’s criminal law barrister Nicholas Cotter, acting for the defence, assisted in reducing the life tariff of a son who sadly murdered his father when under the influence of butane gas.

Dominic Hodgson, 37, thought his father had "turned evil" when he inflicted multiple head wounds at their shared home in Sherborne, Dorset, in May.

Robert Hodgson, 72, had reluctantly let his son stay with him as he had nowhere to go, Winchester Crown Court heard.

The defendant admitted murder and was jailed for life with a 14-year minimum.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Garnham told the defendant: "Your father took you in because you had nowhere else to go. You were not suffering from a psychiatric illness. You were, however, intoxicated with butane gas and experiencing hallucinations as a consequence. I recognise, partly after reading the letter you have written to the court, that you are experiencing genuine remorse."

The case was covered extensively in the news including the BBC.