Rebecca McKnight

Rebecca McKnight

Year of Call: 2016
Email Address: [email protected]
CJSM: [email protected]
Telephone: 01962 868 884

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Rebecca accepts instructions in general crime, both prosecuting and defending, regulatory and court martial work. Her respectful and fair approach allows her to form strong relationships with clients and across the criminal justice system.

Rebecca enjoys working in the youth courts and has a straightforward, personable and patient manner which allows clients to be made to feel at ease and to understand the process.

Recent criminal law cases include:

R v AT Goodyear indication would have meant a further period in custody, successfully persuading the judge that given strong mitigation the defendant could be released that day.
R v JS defended in affray and possession of blade jury trial in the Crown Court.
R v HA defended in an ABH jury trial in the Crown Court
R v GB represented a client in an ABH allegation.
R v MN after discussions with the prosecution they agreed to discontinue an ABH case.
R v TDB Successful application for bail following 2 previous breaches of bail.
R v JMC acquittal for threats to kill after half time submissions of no case to answer.
R v JH acquittal for theft from a vehicle.
R v MS acquittal for assault against an emergency worker.
R v SK written submissions persuaded the Crown to discontinue a case.
R v EC sentence for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, significant role and fell into category 3. Suspended sentence received by defendant.
R v PB successful submission of no case to answer in a breach of Criminal Behaviour Order.
R v LG successfully opposed a bad character application and res gestae argument and then made a successful submission of no case to answer.
R v RE representations successfully made to the Crown to accept an out of court disposal for a youth involved in a serious affray.
R v OL persuaded the Judge to impose a lower custodial sentence for client, compared to the co-defendants, by distinguishing their circumstances and offending from the others in a very high value theft.
R v MS & NC successfully argued to the Crown, YOT and police that a caution could be given for one of my clients and a referral order for the other in a serious ABH.

Motoring offences

Rebecca frequently represents individuals accused of motoring offences, from defending them at trial to arguing special reasons and exceptional hardship to prevent disqualification or reduce penalty points.

R v NI client acquitted following trial of speeding and failure to provide identity.
R v JW successful exceptional hardship argument prevented disqualification.
R v RW persuaded the court that there were special reasons present on appeal, no points and therefore they retained their licence.
R v SS represented a client in a Newton Hearing for dangerous driving.

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    • Non-fatal strangulation: origins, injuries, and challenges

      As non-fatal strangulation offences are increasingly charged, Rebecca McKnight examines the background to this increase and reviews the injuries in cases of strangulation based on research carried out by Dr Katherine White of the Institute for Addressing Strangulation (IFAS). Further, Rebecca looks at the implications for prosecuting and defending such cases and considers what the future might hold in this area of criminal law.

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  • Recommendations

    ‘Rebecca’s preparation is detailed and precise. Her advocacy is clear and concise and easily understood… the judiciary have also commented to me about Miss McKnight’s excellent trial ability. I can say without hesitation that Miss McKnight is both an excellent lawyer and advocate.’ Senior Crown Prosecutor

    ‘I have instructed Rebecca on a number of my cases and what strikes me the most is how much she cares about getting the best result for her client. Rebecca goes above and beyond to ensure that her client’s understand the charges they face and the process ahead of them. You really are in safe hands when being represented by Rebecca.’  Emily Alexander, Trainee Solicitor, Roach Pittis

    ‘An excellent result I didn’t expect; so thank you.’ Instructing Solicitor 

    ‘You conducted both trials with considerable expertise… Your cross-examination of the complainants was necessarily thorough on your instructions, but you also managed to demonstrate some sensitivity to the distress and discomfort of the witnesses.’ District Judge

    ‘Miss Mcknight, very well said, your submissions were eloquent and very well thought out, we are grateful for your assistance.’ Magistrate (Chair)

    ‘You were brilliant, I was so glad it was you representing me, you put me at ease and explained things clearly. You spoke with confidence and I knew you would fight for me.’ Defendant

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