Rebecca McKnight secures acquittal of client accused of witness intimidation

28th March 2024

Rebecca McKnight

3PB crime and regulatory barrister Rebecca McKnight’sRebecca McKnightCall: 2016 client was accused of making threats towards two individuals, one of whom had acted as a witness in a case involving an acquaintance of the defendant. They were also accused of offering money in exchange for the case being dropped against this acquaintance.

Rebecca’s client said this had simply not happened and they knew nothing about a case involving this other individual. Since the accusation her client had overcome many personal problems to get their life on track and had these allegations hanging over them.

During the trial Rebecca undermined the credibility of both witnesses and pointed out the inconsistencies in the complainant’s story. The numerous problems in the Crown’s case were highlighted by her in closing. At the conclusion of the three-day trial at Portsmouth Crown Court the jury unanimously found Rebecca’s client not guilty of all allegations of ,witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice.

Upon the conclusion of the case Rebecca’s client contacted the instructing solicitor, to say "thank you both so much I can move on with my life now". Rebecca was instructed by Rachel Wigley of Churchers Solicitors.

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