Jack Webb

Jack Webb

Year of Call: 2016
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 0117 928 1520

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Jack is a civil law practitioner specialising in Property and Commercial law. He regularly appears in the County Court, High Court and First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and enjoys a busy advisory and drafting practice. Outside this practice, Jack happily accepts legal aid and pro-bono instructions in housing-related disputes.


  • Commercial
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    Jack is primarily instructed in complex, high-value commercial disputes. Recent cases include:

    • A v L [Ongoing] – Advising and representing the executor of an estate in this multi-day commercial loan dispute, worth £100,000.00. County Court (Bristol).
    • L v M [2023] – Successfully representing the defendant product-manufacturer in this one-day mediation between two household brands, worth £700,000.00. High Court (KBD).
    • D v K [2022] – Drafting particulars of claim on behalf of an American cable-television channel in this international breach of contract dispute, worth USD $2,300,000.00. High Court (ChD).

    Additional areas of practice comprise:

    • Plevin – Jack is regularly instructed on behalf of lenders to provide advice and representation in disputes raising s.114 Consumer Credit Act 1974.
    • Animals – Jack provides advice and representation in equine and marine animal disputes, particularly those involving elements of misrepresentation, breach of contract and veterinary negligence.
    • General – Jack is particularly good at getting to grips with his client’s industry: in the last few years he has successfully represented clients in disputes concerning classic cars and their restoration, government procurement, commercial MFDs and toner, domestic construction, commercial construction, IT systems, accountancy, park homes and vegan flapjacks.
  • Property and Estates
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    In addition to his commercial practice, Jack undertakes a range of property and chancery work, comprising of both commercial and residential landlord and tenant matters, boundary disputes and disputed registration of land. Recent cases include:

    • F v H [2023] – Representing the Respondent in this 4-day trial where the Applicant alleged a plot of land had been transferred by means of forged Power of Attorney. Value of £100,000.00. First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).
    • L v L [2023] – Advising, preparing pleadings, and assisting in the settlement of this complex 4-day boundary dispute where the Claimants’ costs were in excess of £125,000.00. County Court (Central London).
    • W v F [2022] – Advising the Defendant in this claim for injunctive relief concerning an easement to enter upon the Defendant’s land to access an outfall pipe and soakaway. County Court (Stoke-on-Trent).

    Jack is regularly instructed on the following:

    Landlord & Tenant

    • Residential and Commercial possession claims
    • Breach of Covenants
    • 1954 Act terminations
    • Forfeiture and Relief from Forfeiture
    • Rent Arrears and Service Charge disputes
    • Social Housing, with growing expertise in ASBI applications, Equality Act claims, and committal hearing.

    Real Property

    • Boundary Disputes
    • Nuisance
    • Trespass
    • Easements.
  • Mediation
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    In addition to representing parties at mediations, Jack has recently become an accredited mediator in his own right (Society of Mediators, January 2021). He is literate in remote conferencing software and keen to develop this area of his practice.

  • Recommendations

    "Just to let you know that I have just spoken to [the client] and he has heaped lashings of praise upon you for your valiant effort and the excellent way in which you represented him at trial today.  He has personally asked me to pass this message on to you." - instructing solicitors

    "I must say that my colleagues, myself, and [the client] were very impressed with your advocacy. I look forward to instructing you again in the future." - instructing solicitors

    “Jack obtained the order we needed and the client was very satisfied with the outcome. Great service all round!” - instructing solicitors

    “Really impressed with the work he did here – not just the result – but he took it all in his stride – no panicking or complaints about the woeful standard of instruction! His post hearing report is also first class. I’d be happy to use Jack on future instructions and will pass this onto the wider team as well.” - instructing solicitors

    “He is approachable, helpful, and efficient.” - instructing solicitors

    “A pleasure to work with.” - instructing solicitors

    "May I just say what a superstar Jack Webb was today, thank you to all of you for putting him on the case." - lay client