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David Parratt KC (Scot)

Year of Call: 1999
Year of Silk: 2017
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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Clerks Details

  • Clerk Name: Stephen Evers
  • Clerk Telephone: 020 7583 8055
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]
  • Clerk Name: David Fielder
  • Clerk Telephone: 020 7583 8055
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]

Construction and engineering

David Parratt KC (Scot) is a specialist in construction, engineering, and energy disputes (including oil/gas upstream claims), with a particular focus on projects involving complex factual, technical, and contractual disputes. He has extensive experience in the TCC and the Commercial Court in the UK, and under various institutional rules (ICC; LCIA; LMAA; ADCAAC).

David is a member of the ICC, the LCIA, the CIArb (Scottish Branch) Panel of Arbitrators, the Hong Kong Arbitration Panel (HKIAC), member of the Asian International Arbitration Panel (AIAC), the Cairo Arbitration Panel (CRCICA), the WIPO Panel (Geneva), the Dubai International Arbitration Centre List (DIAC), the CIArb London President’s Panel and the Juris Roster of International Arbitrators.

Recent and Ongoing cases

  • M. v. S (IAC, 2022) - Counsel for Claimant in Electricity Supply Dispute and JVA, share valuation £100m.
  • NHT v K (CIMAR 2022) - Advising in respect of a claim in arbitration for construction defects in a Housing Scheme.
  • Arbitrator in dispute re professional fees relating to NEC3 terms and conditions (Northern Ireland, 2022)
  • Co Arbitrator re Abu Dhabi airport construction dispute (2022)
  • Woodstone Carpentry Limited v Crystal Engineering Limited - Ongoing dispute in connection with installation of FRA on Post Grenfell Tower Buildings in London Boroughs. (2022; High Court).
  • S. v N (LCIA London Seat, 2021) - Counsel in dispute between Aberdeen Oil parts manufacturer and US company granted IPR rights in respect of non-exploitation.
  • J v. T, C & A (ADCAAC, Seat Abu Dhabi) (2021 Award) - Appointed as co-arbitrator in connection with construction works on a major infrastructure project.
  • Scottish Ministers v Contractors re M74; M77 and M8 (large infrastructure project) (2020)
  • D v E (DIAC, LCIA, 2020) - Advising Dubai based companies in respect of ongoing obligations to Oil part Supply Agreements and on prospects regarding two separate arbitration clauses (£1m).
  • Advice on arbitration clause under Option W2 in NEC3 (2019)
  • Z v. GSP (LCIA, Seat London, 2019) - Instructed for Claimants in a $5m claim and cross claim for a subcontractor in dispute with a Contractor in respect of the operation of a Platform off the coast of Greece. (settled)
  • Advice in respect of Notice of Intention to Refer under cl 93 NEC3 (2018)
  • OMS v US Oil Major (LCIA, Seat London) (2017-2018) - Represented a small two director company in a £6m claim against an oil major in respect of outstanding invoices for hire of oil and gas equipment; a claim under a Global Collaboration Agreement and multiple claims in respect of infringement of IP Rights. Successful.
  • Advice to adjudicator re NEC3 on project Blackpool Pier (2017)
  • SYE v. M (ICC, Seat Geneva) 2013-2016 - Acted for Japanese Respondents with Defence and Counterclaim for $13.5m against Turkish Sub-Contractor Claims of $4.5m in respect of a very large railway infrastructure project in Istanbul.
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