K7010 3PB Antonida Kocharov 3PB

Antonida Kocharova

Year of Call: 2015
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 01865 793 736

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Clerk Details

  • Clerk Name: Robert Leonard
  • Clerk Telephone: 0330 332 0773
  • Clerk Email: [email protected]

Court of Protection

Antonida regularly advises and represents attorneys, family members, and local authorities in both property and welfare cases, including cases involving dementia, mental illness, brain damage, and significant learning disabilities in young adults. Her work has encompassed advising on applications for standard authorisation, deputyships, and aftercare under section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

As part of her public family law practice, Antonida has appeared at High Court level in cases involving the deprivation of liberty of children under the inherent jurisdiction, and she has also advised on the exercise of the inherent jurisdiction in relation to adults in the Court of Protection. In addition, she has undertaken secondments with two different local authorities advising on a large number of individual cases and has provided representation in court, with a particular emphasis on deprivation of liberty cases.

Notable cases

  • Re CG (2023) – Resisted application for revocation of Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • Re LTG (2022) – Advised on exercise of Lasting Powers of Attorney in relation to maintenance payments to P’s spouse.
  • Re D (2022) – Acted in inherent jurisdiction proceedings in relation to 15-year-old boy with behavioural difficulties.
  • Re MI (2022) – Representing local authority for section 21A application.
  • Re KSC (2021) – Acted in a case where the issue was whether a 66-year-old man had capacity and whether the inherent jurisdiction should be exercised to protect him from catfishing scams.
  • Re CB (2021) – Advised P’s son direct access and prepared court forms in an application for deputyship and residence.
  • Re MG (2021) – Provided advice on the role of P’s preference for location of accommodation in a case involving incapacity following brain injury.
  • Re O’M (2020) – Represented a father in an application for a secure accommodation order and deprivation of liberty orders in relation to a 16-year-old girl.
  • Re MDK (2019) – Acted on behalf of P’s daughter in section 16 residence dispute between siblings.
  • Re N (2018) – Preparing local authority evidence in a section 21A application relating to the deprivation of liberty where the protected party’s daughter objected to and caused the failure of several placements as well as making numerous complaints and online posts against care home staff and local authority staff from various local authority departments.
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