Steven Howard's Standard Family Orders Handbook is published

2nd January 2024

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3PB's family barrister Steven HowardSteven HowardCall: 2009 has co-authored The Standard Family Orders Handbook: Volume 2, which is the approved source of guidance to the official Standard Family Court Orders, covering Children and Other Orders. The handbook has expert commentary from Steven, His Honour Judge Kambiz Moradifar, Nastassia Hylton, Edward Bennett and Alexander Laing.

What's new in this 3rd Edition, published by Class Legal, are details of the substantially revised orders in Volume 2 of the May 2023 release of the SFOs, together with 4 further new orders released in October 2023. These are now available on Family Orders, adding to the existing commentary on the Volume 1 orders.

Amongst the many changes incorporated and commented upon are the provisions of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, a Permission to Appeal directions order, an updated Deprivation of Liberty Order and a standalone Port Alert Order. The children orders reduce significantly the use of recitals, which now generally appear at the end of the order, giving greater prominence to its body and substance. There are separate orders for different stages of children private and public law proceedings, all of which have been made more streamlined.

The authors provide invaluable commentary on when and how to use each order, with a brief description of its purpose. The text of the orders is also interwoven with useful practice points where relevant.

To purchase the handbook, please use this website page link from publishers, Class Legal.

To contact Steven, please email him on [email protected]. To instruct him, or see about his availability, please contact his clerk Rob Leonard on [email protected] or call him on 01202 292102.