Recording now available: Settlements and Negotiations

6th October 2020

On 1st October 2020, 3PB's specialist personal injury and clinical negligence barrister Duncan McNairDuncan McNairCall: 2003 was joined by Andrew Sands, Nestor Director and IFA to present a webinar on ''Settlements and Negotiations'' which was viewed by over 920 legal and finance professionals.

In this recording Duncan McNairDuncan McNairCall: 2003 reviews the art and method of “Settlement Negotiations”, including how to determine your own valuation; explaining the valuation to the client; negotiation tactics and how to achieve the best result for your client.

Nestor Director and IFA Andrew Sands examines “Periodical payments and how the format of the award might feature within negotiations/the settlement process.”

View a recording of the webinar here:

If you have any queries regarding the topics discussed in this recording, please contact David Snook on [email protected].