Mark Wilden writes for COUNSEL magazine on online copyright protection

21st February 2024

Mark Wilden

3PB Barristers' (3 Paper Buildings) specialist intellectual property barrister Mark WildenMark WildenCall: 2018 (pictured here) has written for COUNSEL magazine on the application of copyright law to digital assets.

By calling on recent cases including Wright v BTC Core, THJ Systems v Sheridan and Getty Images v Stability AI, Mark discusses what is traditionally required of a work to be protectable by copyright and how these guidelines become harder to define when works are ‘created’ by computer rather than humans. Mark also explores the variance in international copyright law and how different jurisdictions continue to disagree on whether computer-generated works are subject to copyright protection.

To read Mark’s full article online, please click here.

Mark’s article was published in the February 2024 issue of COUNSEL magazine. To access the full issue, please click here.

Mark Wilden is a commercial barrister specialising in intellectual property law across the creative and entertainment industries including fashion design, film and tv, sport and music. Mark regularly accepts instruction in all areas of IP law, including copyright, trademark and patent infringements and passing off.

If you wish to contact or instruct Mark, please contact David Fielder via email or telephone 020 7583 8055.