Artificial Intelligence in Education Law: a webinar series - 12 Sept | 3 Oct | 19 Nov

 Tuesday 19th Nov 2024  

 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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AI in education law

You are invited to attend 3PB's webinars on Artificial Intelligence in Education Law, a series devised by specialist Education Law barrister Alice de Coverley, hosted by members of 3PB's Education Law team alongside expert guests from the education sector.

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Our first webinar on Thursday 12 September (11am - 12pm) will introduce the basic concepts of AI and its current application in the education sector. Register for our 1st webinar here.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of artificial intelligence:
    • Narrow, General and Super Artificial Intelligence
    • Generative AI
    • Machine Learning
    • (Large) Language Models
    • Natural Language Processing
  • Terminology – including prompts, neural networks, deep learning, deepfakes, hallucinations, computer vision and chatbots.
  • How AI currently arises in education
  • Issues now and on the horizon for schools and universities


The second webinar on Thursday 3 October (11am - 12pm) will then explore the benefits of AI, and current and evolving legal frameworks governing the use of AI in education. Register for our 2nd webinar here.

Topics Covered:

  • The benefits of AI in education – including accessibility, innovation, engagement, productivity, analytics and cost-efficiency.
  • Existing law and regulation – including data protection and privacy, safeguarding, the Council of Europe’s Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, the Human Rights Act 1998.
  • Current Government initiatives and guidance - including from the Department for Education and the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.
  • Real life case studies


Finally, our third webinar on Tuesday 19 November (11am - 12pm) will consider the potential risks and challenges associated with AI in education, along with the gaps in current regulatory and legal frameworks. Register for our 3rd webinar here.

Topics Covered:

The pitfalls and ramifications of AI:

  • The data used to train machines
  • Creativity, art and writing
  • Algorithms, automation, plagiarism, bias and fairness
  • Disinformation and hallucinations
  • Safeguarding children
  • Safeguarding women and girls
  • Job displacement
  • Robo-justice
  • Gaps in regulation

The future of AI in education:

  • AI-generated EHCPs
  • Robot-run degrees
  • Automated marking
  • ChatGPT NHS therapists
  • Technological singularity

Each webinar will last for one hour. Time will be set aside for Q&As. Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions that you would like to ask in advance.

For more information please contact Senior Practice Manager Tom Cox or Practice Director Sam Collins.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom.

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