Maisie Carter1

Maisie Carter

Year of Call: 2022
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 0121 289 4333

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Maisie Carter is a family law barrister and probationary tenant at 3PB, based in Birmingham. Maisie recently completed a 12-month pupillage at a specialist family law chambers in the North West of England and has begun to establish a busy family practice, acting in public and private law children matters and injunctive proceedings.

During her first six months of pupillage, Maisie was exposed to a wide variety of family work, including complex trials pertaining to parental alienation, serious sexual abuse and non-accidental injuries, including infant death. As a result, Maisie understands the importance of thorough case analysis and having an expert appreciation of the chronology of events from the outset.

Since commencing her second six months of pupillage, Maisie has represented local authorities, parents and intervenors in a variety of family law proceedings, including in multi-day final hearings for care and placement order applications.

Maisie enjoys the intellectual challenge posed on a case by case basis. Her attention to detail has assisted with the resolution of factual disputes in private law matters whereby she has drafted an agreed factual matrix, negating the need for any fact-finding hearing. She is adept at drafting persuasive position statements and skeleton arguments, a recent example of this being the enforceability of a specific issue order for the return of the child to the mother’s care following the unilateral removal of the child by the father.

Maisie is able to build and maintain relationships with her instructing solicitors by providing exceptional client care and has been re-instructed owing to her approach with particularly vulnerable clients.

Prior to commencing pupillage, Maisie was a volunteer for the National Centre for Domestic Violence and the Litigation Programme. Her natural ability to build a rapport with her clients meant that she was able to successfully support victims of domestic abuse in drafting a witness statement in support of an application for a non-molestation order. She also conducted research on both law and procedure, held client conferences and completed written letters of advice in other areas of family law.

Outside of work, Maisie enjoys socialising with family and friends and going on long walks with her dog.