3PB Sports in match-fixing corruption case in international badminton tournaments

2nd May 2018

Louis Weston, Head of the 3PB Sports Group, represented the Badminton World Federation (BWF) in the prosecution of the top players Zulfadli Zulkiffli and Tan Chun Seang for match fixing and point fixing.

Following a hearing in February in Singapore, the two players, who contested the charges were found in breach and suspended for 20 years and 15 years respectively, as well as fined.

The case involved the evidence of a player who had been approached by ZZ to fix a match but had stood up to the approach and reported it to the BWF, leading to an investigation which uncovered years of match fixing and manipulation.

Click here to read the full decision. Linked press reporting can be found for example in BBC coverage hereĀ and in Straits Times.

The case was the first corruption case brought by the BWF and is a vindication of its robust stand againstĀ corruption in the sport.