Four 3PB barristers secure acquittals for two defendants in major Conspiracy to Supply cocaine trial

14th February 2024

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Four 3PB criminal law barristers - Nick RobinsonNick RobinsonCall: 2006, Tom EvansThomas EvansCall: 2010, David JenkinsDavid JenkinsCall: 2010 and Oliver HirschOliver HirschCall: 2020 (pictured top left to bottom right) - have successfully defended two clients in a major Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs trial, following Operation Krill which was an extensive surveillance operation lasting more than a year.

Three individuals were charged with Conspiracy to Supply cocaine and two stood trial in December 2023. AD was alleged to have been the head of the organised crime group responsible for distributing multiple kilograms of high-purity cocaine across the South of England. SA was alleged to have been acting as a courier and was arrested during the sting operation, driving a Mercedes with nearly a kilo of cocaine secreted in a hidden compartment.

When AD was arrested, the key telephone used to control the organised crime group was located in his car. He was also forensically linked to the ‘stash house’ where a hydraulic press and significant quantities of cocaine and heroin were seized. This DNA-link was successfully excluded pre-trial following AD’s defence team obtaining supportive expert evidence.

AD’s case was that he had been framed and that the telephone had been planted in his car. SA’s position was that he had not known the nature of the package he had been asked to transport and that on collection, he and his family had been threatened.

Following the cross-examination of covert surveillance officers, and a contested section 8 disclosure application, the Defence teams obtained surveillance logs which revealed major disclosure failings in the prosecution.

The Crown conceded that a full review was necessary, which required the jury to be discharged over halfway through a four week trial. In advance of anticipated applications to stay the indictment, on 8 February 2024 the Crown offered no evidence against both AD and SA.

AD was represented by 3PB's Nick Robinson, leading David Jenkins. SA was represented by 3PB's Tom Evans, leading Oliver Hirsch.

Nick and David were instructed by Seema Dosaj of Berris Law. Tom and Oliver were instructed by Dwayne Lewis of Renshaw Derrick.