Philip Bambagiotti appointed as a Senior Certified International Arbitrator on the IDRRMI Panel

29th February 2024

Philip Bambagiotti 3PB 2021 BW

3PB is delighted to announce that commercial disputes and construction barrister Philip Bambagiotti, who is joint -qualified at the bar in both England and Australia, has been appointed onto the International Dispute Resolution & Risk Management Institute (IDRRMI) Panel of Senior Certified International Arbitrators.

Philip BambagiottiPhilip BambagiottiCall: 2018 is a top ranked barrister and arbitrator with over 30 years experience. He is well known for his work as counsel and arbitrator in international arbitrations involving disputes over construction, property, transportation, infrastructure, energy, international distribution, foreign investments and international law. He is a registered foreign lawyer with the Singapore Commercial Courts (SICC) and a fellow of a number of international commercial organisations. He is also an arbitrator on both the AIAC and THAC panels. He holds an APEC travel card, allowing him visa free entry for business in most of the countries in the APEC group: including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada. His busy practice is focused in London, East Asia (principally Hong Kong and China), the Middle East (notably Dubai) and South East Asia (mainly Singapore and Thailand).

IDRRMI, based from Hong Kong, is a globally recognized international professional organization, providing one-stop business solutions including risk management, deal-making, corporate governance system planning and dispute resolution services. IDRRMI serves businesses and international organizations participating in various regions and the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as for different trades and commerce worldwide. IDRRMI participates in a global corporate network in over 40 countries and is a platform for experts in different industries (dispute resolution experts, risk managers, financial experts, etc). IDRRMI has also helped to build the first international platform around the world to connect with the diversified dispute resolution mechanism implemented in China.

To contact Philip, please email him on [email protected]. To instruct him, or see about his availability, please email his clerk Joe Townsend on [email protected] or call him on 020 7583 8055.