Luke Nelson writes a brief guide to "Intervener actions in financial remedies proceedings: interests in land" for Family Law

20th July 2023

Luke Nelson

3PB family barrister Luke Nelson (pictured here) has written a brief guide to "Intervener actions in financial remedies proceedings: interests in land" for the Family Law Journal. Published on 9 July, Luke's guide considers the practical, procedural and legal issues that arise when third-party interests in land arise in financial remedy proceedings.

In particular, Luke seeks to answer the following questions:

  • How to identify that a case is suitable for joinder.
  • What is the correct procedure for joinder?
  • What is the applicable law for dealing with third party interests?
  • How best to run a joinder case.

Any intervener action requires a watchful eye and a steady hand. Early identification of issues is essential to reducing costs risk and narrowing the dispute. Insightful interviewing and firm advice to clients are critical to avoid incurring significant costs on all sides, especially where costs follow the event.

The article provides useful practical tips for ensuring these often difficult and fraught cases are prepared as effectively as possible; achieving client satisfaction or, at least, protection from the ruinous consequences of a poorly run intervener action.

To read the full article if you are a subscriber to Family Law please click here. The article can also be read here.

Luke Nelson undertakes a practice with a focus on financial remedies, TOLATA and property disputes. He has also recently built a strong practice in assisting clients with CMS appeals, in which the court reconsiders the child maintenance or child support.

To contact Luke about this article or any other matter, please email him on [email protected]. To instruct him, please contact his clerk Ian Charlton on [email protected] or by calling him on 0121 289 4333.