Coronavirus Bill: what will be the effects on those who fall ill?

3PB Pupil Barrister Mariya Peykova writes about the Coronavirus Bill 2020 and the powers of government to manage individuals infected with Covid-19: how will it affect those who fall ill?

The Coronavirus Bill 2020 (“the Bill”) was introduced to Parliament on 19th March 2020 for a first reading, with the second reading of the Bill due on 23rd March 2020. The Bill, which is available on the Parliament website, enables the government to take action in order to respond to a public health emergency. At the time of writing this article, the measures in the Bill have not yet been introduced, and are thus not in force.

However, if the Bill is passed in its current form, the government will have certain powers in relation to potentially infectious persons, including the temporary deprivation of liberty for the purposes of assessing any such individuals, as well as imposing certain requirements or restrictions on movement. Schedule 20 of the Bill contains the provisions that enable the government to take such action in respect of individuals in England, Wales and Scotland. This article will focus on the powers of the government in England (Part 2, Schedule 20 of the Bill).

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