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Year of Call: 2004
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Jodie is a highly regarded criminal specialist practising on the Western Circuit. She is instructed in the most complex of criminal cases. She has considerable experience as a led junior particularly in cases involving drugs, extremism and serious violence/murder. Jodie also accepts instructions as a leading junior in multi-handed cases. Jodie’s attention to detail and her meticulous approach to preparation are the key to her thriving criminal practice.

Her practice includes the full spectrum of criminal offences including murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, rape and other sexual offences, offences of fraud and dishonesty and cases involving the supply of drugs. She has been involved in a number of complicated multi-handed conspiracy allegations including cases involving the smuggling of drugs and mobile telephones into prison and serious public disorder.

Jodie is also experienced in matters involving confiscation and proceeds of crime and is instructed on Courts Martial and prison parole board hearings with previous hearings including applications for release on behalf of prisoners serving life sentences.

Jodie was appointed in January 2017 as a Deputy District Judge (Magistrates’ Court). She is a level 3 CPS and specialist rape prosecutor and is accredited by the Bar Standards Board to act directly on behalf of individuals and organisations under the Public Access Scheme. Jodie is an Advocacy Trainer for the Western Circuit (pupil training), a Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Facilitator (training established practitioners) and a Pupil Supervisor. She is also responsible for assisting in the organisation of CPD training in Winchester.

Recent Cases:


  • Operation Pretty (2016-2017): conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin – undercover police operation in Southampton targeting commercial class A drug networks. “Scouse” drug line operating from Liverpool (leading Gemma White). “Beer” drug line operating from London including youth defendants. Southampton Crown Court
  • R v Fisher (2016): supply of crack cocaine and heroin to undercover officers during test-purchase operation. Dorchester Crown Court.
  • R v H & Others (2016): possession with intent to supply and being concerned in supply of mephedrone. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v S (2016): possession with intent to supply cannabis. Salisbury Crown Court.
  • R v S & Others (2015): possession with intent to supply cocaine and production of cannabis. Newport (IOW) Crown Court.
  • Operation Mohican (2015): conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin – conspiracy involving supply of drugs in Southampton by a network based in London. Southampton Crown Court (led by Adam Feest QC).
  • R v Hallam & Others (2015): conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin. Minimum sentence for third drug offence. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v Xavier & Another (2015): conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin. Portsmouth Crown Court.
  • Operation Kennedy (2014): conspiracy to supply cocaine – middle market conspiracy to supply in excess of £600,000 worth of cocaine. Portsmouth Crown Court.

Violence/Public Order

  • R v Brown (2017): grievous bodily harm with intent (s18) arising from stamping, kicking and the use of a broken bottle. Newport (IOW) Crown Court.
  • R v Carrington (2017): case involving second bladed article offence and a series of public order/criminal damage incidents. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v Worthington (2017): wounding with intent (s18) allegation against a husband who stabbed his wife of 33 years. Salisbury Crown Court.
  • R v Cross & Others (2016): seven-handed affray allegation involving street-fighting between family members with catapults and spades being wielded as weapons. Southampton Crown Court
  • R v Barnett & Another (2016): serious ABH allegations by elderly mother and father against their two daughters with suggestions that the attack was pre-planned and prolonged. Portsmouth Crown Court.
  • R v Darvill (2016): initially indicted as murder – deceased stabbed twice – plea accepted to manslaughter. Winchester Crown Court (led by Adam Feest QC). Instructed to settle appeal against sentence documents alone.
  • R v B & Others (2016): youth of good character jointly charged with wounding with intent (s18) involving an alleged drug-related stabbing of another youth. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v B & Others (2016): kidnapping involving eight defendants. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v H (2015): wounding with intent (s18) where part of the complainant’s ear was bitten off. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v Tucker (2015): wounding with intent (s18) involving a knifing incident. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v T (2015): stalking and perverting the course of justice. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v Santos-Luis (2015): grievous bodily harm (s20) involving an attack against ex-soldier suffering with PTSD. Dorchester Crown Court.
  • R v Coltart & Others (2014): affray – attack and threats in street involving use of baseball bats near to a school. Dorchester Crown Court.
  • Operation Virgo (2011): conspiracy to commit criminal damage – animal rights activists who undertook a series of criminal damage attacks against Barclays Bank and other companies linked to Huntingdon Life Sciences. Winchester Crown Court.

Sexual Offences

  • R v Hajhashem (2017): marital rape case. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v Everett (2017): historic sexual allegations against an adult known through a church choir. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v Marques & others (2016): gang rape case. Portsmouth Crown Court.
  • R v W (2016): historic sexual allegations by eight complainants against a former superintendent of a children’s home. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v D (2016): indecent images – allegations against 79-year old defendant relating to images found on his computer. Issues of remote access. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v T (2016): sexual assault – allegations against mother’s previous partner. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v C (2015): sexual assault – historical allegations against mother’s previous partner involving a complainant recalling an event when she was only 5 years old. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v S (2015): attempted rape – allegations by ex-partner who was suffering with mental health difficulties. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v E (2015): sexual assault – allegations against a friend of the family. Expedited trial due to age of child making the complaint. Southampton Crown Court
  • R v Sansom (2015): multiple counts of rape and assault by penetration. Dangerous offender provisions. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v R (2014): sexual assault by penetration – allegations by a step-daughter of sexual assault including penetration, involving delicate cross-examination of the complainant, particularly since she had been the victim of abuse before at the hands of others. Dorchester Crown Court.


  • R v Horwood (2016): robbery – axe point robbery at a betting shop by masked men. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v Brown (2016): fraud (by false representation) – cheques obtained from elderly victim. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • R v Goodman (2016): fraud (by abuse of position) – accounts manager paying herself overtime and using company funds (in excess of £60,000). Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v P & Others (2016): conspiracy to steal – organised shoplifting in conjunction with employee of shop. Portsmouth Crown Court.
  • Operation Cordon (2016): conspiracy to steal/burglaries/thefts/handling stolen goods – a number of cases involving more than 18 defendants arising out of an operation using undercover officers to detect offences involving stolen goods. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v Wilson (2015): theft (breach of trust) – private carer stealing from 94 year old whilst she was in a care home. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v Milton (2015): theft (breach of trust) – charity manager stealing a cash donation. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v Rogers (2015): fraud - £1.6m VAT fraud and evasion of income tax. Southampton Crown Court.
  • Operation Exist (2015): conspiracy to handle stolen goods – stolen motorbikes and construction equipment. Winchester Crown Court.
  • R v Murray (2015): aggravated burglary – further prosecution linked to R v Flaherty & Others. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v Barney (2014): burglary – deliberate targeting of a number of elderly victims in distraction burglaries. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • Operation Homily (2014): conspiracy to blackmail - continuing conspiracy to blackmail following on from Operations Achilles and Aries. Winchester Crown Court (led by Michael Bowes QC).
  • R v Harris (2014): fraud – use of stolen credit cards to book holidays abroad. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v Flaherty & Others (2013): aggravated burglary – attack by masked men who made threats and assaulted a man in his home using a knife and a crowbar and then stole his Rolex watch. Southampton Crown Court.
  • R v G (2013): theft (breach of trust) – allegations of theft by a carer involving sensitive cross-examination of a 92 year old complainant. Bournemouth Crown Court.
  • Operation Cardew (2009): conspiracy to defraud – defrauding elderly homeowners in respect of bogus building works. Southampton Crown Court. Terminating ruling appeal to the Court of Appeal.
  • Operation Achilles/Aries (2008-2009): conspiracy to blackmail – animal rights extremists involved in a six year campaign (through the organisation SHAC) against companies linked to Huntingdon Life Sciences. Winchester Crown Court. Appeal to Court of Appeal for case involving Lifetime ASBO: R v Avery (Gregg) [2009] EWCA Crim 2670

Serious Driving offences

  • R v A (2016): dangerous driving – lorry driver alleged to be involved in a road rage incident, legal argument about no warning being provided and no notice of intended prosecution being sent. Aylesbury Crown Court.
  • R v A (2016): dangerous driving – pursuit involving alleged “tail-gaiting” by ex-partner. Dorchester Crown Court.
  • R v Marshall (2015): death by dangerous driving – 16 year old passenger killed. Dorchester Crown Court.


“I instructed Ms Jodie Mittell [for] an eight day trial on allegations of sexual abuse of a young boy by the godfather. Such cases are nearly always difficult both evidentially and procedurally and often develop high emotional currents within the family concerned. This case was no exception. All too often juries will convict when confronted by such atmosphere. The only exceptional aspect to the case in fact was the result – the acquittal of E on all counts – brought about by the remarkable performance of Ms Mittell. These cases are hard to win. And I intend to recommend her to my colleagues.” – Instructing solicitor

“I am retiring but in my 25 years service, in which I have attended Crown Court countless times, I have never come across a barrister working for the CPS who has been as passionate and committed as you. Your knowledge of the case was exemplary, you held your ground at difficult times in the court arena and you even answered e-mails at weekends... I want to wish you all the success in the future. This case may not have been the most exciting but for those vulnerable adults that we have a duty to protect in our society you did a sterling job.” – Investigating police officer

“I would be grateful if it is at all possible that my gratitude and admiration be passed on to Jodie. Ladies like her are few and far between…and what a pleasure it was to meet her even in such circumstances.” – Defendant

“You are probably the best barrister I've worked with, and I have had quite a few cases at Crown Court!” – Investigating police officer

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Academic qualifications

  • LLB (Hons) Law, The University of Southampton
  • Bar Vocational Course, BPP Law School London

Professional qualifications & appointments

Deputy District Judge (Magistrates Court) 2017

Professional bodies

  • Inner Temple
  • Western Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association

Direct Access

Jodie Mittell is qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public and professional clients under the Direct Public Access scheme.

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