3PB publishes free guide to criminal law and the new “lockdown law”

6th May 2020

3PB Barristers’ regulatory counsel David RichardsDavid RichardsCall: 1989, Head of the national chambers’ Public & Regulatory Law team and pupil barrister Dr Tagbo IlozueDr Tagbo IlozueCall: 2019 have published a digest of recent criminal law developments and relevant case law since the UK went into lockdown.

The new lockdown law guide from 3 Paper Buildings (3PB Barristers) covers Coronavirus Act 2020, Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release) Act 2020, Criminal Procedure (Amendment|) Rules 2020, Criminal Procedure (Amendment No.2) (Coronavirus) Rules 2020, LASPO Act 2012 (Commencement Order No.14) Order 2020 as well as case law from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division). These cases cover the full range of criminal cases under new lockdown laws, specifically issues of dishonesty;  admissibility of co-conspirator’s guilty plea in a closed conspiracy; disclosure during cross-examination of the accused; appeals against sentence; Section 18 OAPA 1861; harm ’where child sexual offences are incited but not committed; criminal behaviour orders; the meaning of “related offence” in s.240ZA CJA 2003; domestic burglary and refusal of permission to appeal including loss of time for vexatious appeals.

This original and informative guide on lockdown law from David Richards and Dr Tagbo Ilozue is free and can be obtained by clicking here.

If you wish to speak with either barristers about any aspects of Lockdown Law, do email them on david.richards@3pb.co.uk or tagbo.ilozue@3pb.co.uk or by contacting their principal criminal clerk, Stuart Pringle on stuart.pringle@3pb.co.uk.