3PB Crime Group Jonathan Underhill and Graham Gilbert to provide a criminal update for the Hampshire Law Society

3PB Crime Group Jonathan Underhill and Graham Gilbert are delighted to present a criminal update on behalf of the Hampshire Incorporated Law Society on Thursday 11th April 2019.


Domestic Violence: Is further legislation the answer?

The landmark draft Domestic Abuse Bill has been published (Monday 21 January), aimed at supporting victims and their families and pursuing offenders. Are the proposed changes and additions simply provisions which are long overdue, or will more legislation make a complex a delicate decision making process more complication and litigious? Jonathan Underhill explores the proposed amendments, new evidential provision and proposed Domestic Violence Abuse Orders / Notices.

Knife Crime Prevention Orders: An Unnecessary Luxury?

Recently, the Home Secretary indicated that a new behavioural order could be added to the police’s armoury through the Offensive Weapons Bill currently making its way through Parliament. However, is the reason for this amendment valid? And is the order even necessary? Graham Gilbert examines these questions and what the proposed order will entail.

PoCA is Local Authority Prosecution

An analysis of the decision in Wokingham Borough Council. v. Scott and others [2019] EWCA Crim 205. Keeping Local Authority Prosecutors on a short leash? Jonathan Underhill explores the principles to be derived from the judgment and their applicability and use in Defending Local Authority prosecutions.

Criminal Case Law Update

A short round up of recent cases and decisions in the field of Criminal Law and Proceeds of Crime.